January 28, 2023

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AstraZeneca: Mexico now complains of problems with the corona vaccine

Astrogeneca Located Latin America Vaccine production seems to be lagging behind: according to news agency data Reuters The country complained of restrictions and late delivery.

There were also supply problems with vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca in the EU, and there were repeated delays. So the EU is considering Take legal action against the company.

Mexico Was with the mAbxience lab in Argentina Signed a contract last year. The laboratory will produce the active ingredient of the vaccine and then bottle it to a Leomont factory in Mexico. Vaccine doses must be sent to all Latin America – except Brazil. Here is a separate production contract.

In March, Argentina delivered the first batch of the vaccine to Mexico, but Leomand’s production target did not decrease. AstraZeneca has confirmed the allegations, according to Reuters news agency. But he promised to be able to deliver the 150 million cans ordered for the region this year.

Deliveries will begin by the end of June. One regrets the delay. Delivery restrictions are the reason. The first batch of vaccines are available for less than expected. It takes time to meet different conditions for vaccine doses.

Mexico seeks US help

According to Reuters, Mexico is United States Now asked for additional vaccination to prevent complications. By March, the United States had already shipped 2.5 million doses of the vaccine to Mexico. So “they will support us until the Astrogeneca plant in Mexico comes into operation,” said President Lopez Obrador. According to Reuters, the United States has not yet officially commented on the investigation.

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