December 9, 2022

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Astros throw first No Hitter World Championships against Phillies

Astros throw first No Hitter World Championships against Phillies


Christian Javier’s parents had the idea that he would do something special in the fourth game of the World Series. And the rookie Houston Astros, along with three fellow pitchers, will prove them right.

The Astros on Wednesday produced their first non-beater game in World Series history — and their second in the Fall Classic non-beater overall — as Javier and Houston beat hosts Philadelphia Phillies 5-0 to equalize their best of seven series at 2-2 and secure their place in world baseball.

Javier threw six runs of the kicked ball while starting For the Astros, he crossed out nine and walked twice in more than 97 throws before he was satisfied.

Brian Abreu and Rafael Monteiro provided perfect turns before Ryan Presley closed down the Phillies in the ninth minute, leaving the hosts unharmed at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

After the last exit, Javier ran from his hideout to hug Presley on the hill, surrounded by fellow revelers. In an on-court interview, he was asked when he knew the night would be special.

“This is fun. Today my parents told me I was going to throw a no-no, and by God’s grace, I was able to make it happen,” Javier For Fox Sports via translator.

Javier, who hails from the Dominican Republic, later told reporters that his father had just arrived in the United States a day earlier to watch him play.

Javier left the match with a 5-0 lead, and the Astros scored all of their runs in fifth place. Houston coach Dusty Baker said he was thinking about Javier in the post-game game and protecting his health when he decided to pull him off after the sixth, citing Javier’s increased floor count and Astros game strength.

“It’s always hard to take out a guy, but you have to weigh the hitter and history versus trying to win this game and get back to 2-2 in the World Championships,” Becker said.

The only ex who hasn’t hit in 118 years World Championship history It came from bowler Don Larsen, who threw a perfect match at the 1956 World Championships.

The Astros now have the advantage of throwing their first combined no-hitter not just in the World Series but in post-season history, according to Major League Baseball. Outside of the Astros and Larsen exploits, Roy Halladay was the only other non-hit in the post-season, throwing Roy Halladay for the Phillies in the 2010 NFL Series.

Philadelphia manager Rob Thompson noted that the Phillies were not attacked by the New York Mets. Earlier this yearthen won the next day.

“These guys have a short memory. They’re going home tonight. They’ll go to bed and come back here tomorrow and get ready and compete like they always do,” Thompson said.

This is the second player not to hit Houston this season. On June 25, Javier, Hector Neres, and Presley met for a Yankees team match.

Christian Vasquez, the Astros player who called his pitches Wednesday, also ran to embrace Presley after the game. Houston’s stadium coach, Joshua Miller, praised Vazquez for his role.

“He recalls each step, watches the movement, sees the backlash,” Miller said. According to “It’s huge, knowing what to call and when you might give up on the overall game plan in certain situations.”

Vazquez said he did not consider completing Wednesday’s not even hitting “perhaps the last inning” due to Velez’s strong lineup, which Make his way to victory in Game 3 Tuesday.

“We’re not done yet, but this is very, very special to us. When we get older, we’ll remember this,” Vasquez said.

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