June 29, 2022

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At a glance the day of the war: the Russians capture another city in the Donbass – the Kremlin is certain of victory

War day at a glance
The Russians captured another city in Donbass – believing the Kremlin was victorious

In Donbass, the situation of Ukrainian guards is deteriorating. Russian troops also registered regional gains and controlled the city of Svitlodorsk, among others. But attacks also cause casualties. Another Russian general is said to be dead. A look at the 90th day of the war.

Scoy is confident of victory

After a three-month war against Ukraine, Russia is hopeful of victory despite setbacks. “Despite extensive Western assistance to the Kiev regime and sanctions on Russia, we will continue our special military operation until all work is completed.” Said Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu Company Interfax. Shoiku reiterated that Russia was compelled to launch an offensive “to protect our people from genocide and to militarize and reject Ukraine.”

Kremlin units capture Svitlodorsky

Meanwhile, Russian forces have captured the small town of Svitlodorsk in the Donetsk region, according to bipartisan sources. Sergei Hoshko, the head of the municipal military administration, confirmed the statements of pro-Russian separatists. Ukraine’s largest coal-fired power plant is located near Svitlodarsk. Earlier, separatists said they had withdrawn Ukrainian troops from the area under threat of siege.

At the same time, separatists said that the storm attack on the city of Lyman began in the northern Donetsk region. Ukrainian civil servants confirmed that Russian troops had attacked the city with the support of artillery and air force. Public servants have not commented on the situation in Svitlodorsk.

London sees Russian regional gains in eastern Ukraine

Russian land gains have also been recorded in Ukraine British Secret Services. Moscow has significantly increased the intensity of its operations in the Donbass and is trying to encircle several cities there, one said. Updates Of the British Ministry of Defense. It said, however, that this was only part of Russia’s mission to bring the entire Donbass region under its control. Ukrainian opposition is strong. British intelligence says that if the front line in Donbass moves further west, it will cause more logistics problems for the Russians.

Russian General Donbass was shot dead

But with the progress of Moscow there are casualties. According to the BBC, a general of the Russian Air Force has been shot dead in Augsburg. A British broadcaster has reported that Maj. Gen. Kanamat Bodashov’s plane was hit by a Stinger missile on the small town of Bopasna on Sunday. Potashov will hold the highest office of a Russian air force officer killed since the beginning of the war of aggression against Ukraine. The officer from the Caucasus was considered an outstanding pilot. However, he was released from the Army and held in reserve in 2013 after an accident with the Su-27.

Moscow wants to repeal the age limit for the military

Russia is preparing to repeal the age limit for military service to make up for further staff shortages. This emerges from the agenda of the Moscow Duma, Russia’s lower house for Wednesday. According to the bill’s provisions, under the current rules, only Russian citizens between the ages of 18 and 40 can join the military, while foreigners between the ages of 18 and 30 can join. However, it is important to bring in “highly skilled experts” to use weapons “with high precision”, the explanations continue. It seems to be considering raising the age limit.

Poland accuses federal government of violating words

German arms supply remains a problem: Polish President Andrzej Duda has now warned the federal government not to keep its promises when it comes to the exchange of tanks. The government in Berlin has promised Polish “leopard” tanks to replace the current Polish tanks its country has provided to Ukraine, Duda told the Welt television channel. “They did not keep that promise. And frankly, we are very disappointed.”

After the criticism, Union Foreign Minister Annalena Barbach spoke. After a meeting in Berlin, the Green Party politician said he had talked to his Polish representative, Zbigniew Rau, about how to eliminate the existing “ambiguities” together. He urged Germany to understand that heavy military equipment could not be delivered to Ukraine “at the push of a button or with the push of a finger,” especially from German stockpiles. Meaning “to be available, to be adjusted or to be rearranged accordingly”.

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