December 6, 2022

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At a glance the night of the war: Selenskyj: Re-capture of the south – Russia gains land

Night of war at a glance
Zelenskyj: Capture the south again – Russia wins

For the first time since the start of the war, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky is visiting a battlefield in the south of the country. He promises the Ukrainian people on his return journey. In the east, Russia, meanwhile, captures a city near the strategically important city of Svizerodonetsk. However, according to the Ukrainian governor of the region, Russian troops must send all their reserves to war for victory. It is said that the civilians who hid in the chemical plant in the area did not leave.

Zelenskyj: Will return to the south

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has promised the people of the south of the country. After a visit to the South, he said in a video conference early in the morning: “The South will not give up on anyone. We will take back everything we own.” He promised that Ukraine would regain safe access to the sea. Ukrainians are more willing to live than Russia has missiles.

Zelenskyy visited the southern front for the first time since the start of the war on Saturday, following a series of international meetings in Kiev. He was first in Mykolayiv and then in Odessa. In the early days of the war, Russia occupied the entire Ukrainian coast in the Sea of ​​Azov and parts of the Ukrainian Black Sea coast in the Chershan region.

Russian troops capture Metyolkine

In a fierce battle for the eastern Ukrainian city of Siverodonetsk, Russian troops occupied the territory and entered a suburb. “Through shelling and storms, the enemy had some success in the village of Metyolkine and tried to establish themselves there,” Ukrainian civil servants said in its status statement on Saturday evening. The village is located southeast of Svizerodonetsk.

The Russian agency TASS reports that officers and soldiers of the Ukrainian Azdar Battalion voluntarily surrendered to Metyolkine, citing pro-Russian separatists in the Luhansk People’s Republic. This information could not be verified independently.

Russian troops are not yet in control of the heavily destroyed Siverodonetsk. According to Ukrainian sources, fighting for a strategically important city in Donbass is increasing in the surrounding villages. The situation is very dangerous for Ukrainian citizens who have taken refuge in a local azot chemical plant.

The public does not want to be evicted

According to Luhansk Region Governor Sergei Hajde, 568 civilians, including 38 children, took refuge in the Azote plant. According to him, they did not want to be evicted. “There is constant contact with them. They were expelled several times, but they did not want to.”

According to the governor, the chemical plant could not be compared to the Azovstall industry in the port city of Mariupol. “This is not an underground city. These are separate shelters, not connected to each other.” Ukrainian guards and civilians were detained for several weeks after being captured by Russian troops in a bunker structure under Azovstal steel works.

Last Wednesday, the Russian side announced a humanitarian corridor through which civilians could escape from the chemical plant into Russian-controlled territory. However, the Ukrainians did not believe the Russian promises.

“Russia throws all its reserves into war”

Regarding the military situation in Donbass, Governor Hayde said that Russia was throwing all its resources into the war to capture Sierra Leone and the city of Bakmut. According to Ukrainian civil servants, Russian troops recently shelled the administrative center of the Luhansk region with heavy artillery. However, attempts to attack Ukrainian positions in the industrial area of ​​the city failed. Russian storm attempts have failed in the village of Sirotain, west of Medzolkin.

Russian troops also used artillery against several cities in the Kharkiv region. In the direction of Slovenesk, the enemy is trying to create a favorable environment for attack using heavy weapons, according to the situation report. At the same time, the Ukrainian military leadership insisted that Russian attempts to carry out forced intelligence in the Krasnopilia region had resulted in heavy casualties. Russian progress continues to stagnate in the Slovzhansk-Kramadorsk region, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces Headquarters is located in Donbass.

Russian missiles destroy oil tanks

Russian troops on Saturday destroyed oil tankers near the central Ukrainian city of Dinifro by rocket fire. The regional administration said three rockets hit the depot in the Novomoskovsk district. “There is a strong fire,” said Valentyn Resnichenko, governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region. 11 people were injured. Russian missiles strike a gas processing plant near the city of Izyum. There was a big fire there too.

The NATO leader expects a long war

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expects something Many years of war in Ukraine. “We have to be prepared for the fact that it may take many years,” he told Built-on Zondak. Therefore, support for Ukraine against Russia should not be abandoned. The cost of military aid is high and so is the cost of energy and food. But Stoltenberg said Ukraine could not be compared to the price it pays to have so many lives every day. If Russian President Vladimir Putin does not object, “we must pay a high price.”

NATO leader Ukraine expects to be able to withdraw Russian troops from the Donbass with the help of further arms supplies from the west. “The Ukrainians are bravely defending themselves against the Russian invaders,” he said. The Western Defense Alliance will not interfere in the fighting. As a clear signal to Moscow, they have strengthened their own defenses with 40,000 troops under NATO command.

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