December 10, 2022

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Attack in eastern Colombia: President Duke misses shot

Attack in eastern Colombia
Shots loses President Duke

A helicopter carrying Colombian President Duke and two ministers catches fire on the way to the border town of Cuckoo. Several bullets hit the helicopter. Politicians are harmless. The defense minister calls the attackers “cowards” and he “hunts”.

President Ivan Duke’s helicopter catches fire as it approaches the eastern city of Coca-Cola. “The helicopter we flew was the target of an attack,” the head of state said after landing in Secunderabad. Bullet holes can be found in the helicopter. “This government will not miss a single minute in the fight against drug trafficking, terrorism and organized crime,” says Duke. Various guerrilla warheads operate on the border with Venezuela. Colombia is the world’s largest cocaine producer.

President Norde de Santander was on his way from the port city of Sardinata to the city of Coca-Cola on the Venezuelan border with Defense Minister Diego Molano and Interior Minister Daniel Palacios when the helicopter collided head-on. According to first reports, all were unharmed. In a video from the television station RCN, six bullet holes were found in the helicopter. The blackhawk engine melted and collided with the rotor and stern. “The cowards who attacked the president and the government team should be feared,” Defense Minister Molano wrote on Twitter. “We will be determined to bring down those who are trying to destabilize the country. Our companies are above threat.”

Post-landing comment: Ivan Duke surrounded by Interior Minister Daniel Palacios and Defense Minister Diego Molano.

(Photo: dpa)

It is not clear who was behind the attack. Last week, a bombing raid on a military base in Kokota with more than 30 wounded. The Colombian government blamed the guerrilla group ELN for the attack. The rebels denied the allegations. “I have instructed the security forces to pursue those who shot down the plane and risk the lives of others,” President Duke said. “The news is that Colombia is strong in the fight against crime.”

For decades, a bloody conflict erupted in Colombia between left-wing insurgents, right-wing paramilitaries and state security forces. More than 220,000 were killed in the civil war and more than six million were displaced from their homelands. FARC, the largest guerrilla organization, and the government signed a peace agreement in 2016.

The rebels are proving difficult to return to civilian life. Many fighters have gone underground again. Parts of the South American country are still controlled by armed groups. Again and again they carry out assassinations and kill so-called community leaders.

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