December 5, 2022

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Australia: Autistic boy (3) rescued after four days – News Abroad

Sigh in Australia!

After a four-day intensive search, police found the missing Anthony “AJ” Elfalak (3). The depressed boy went missing Friday from a bottle in New South Wales. The 160-soul village is completely isolated in the Australian bush.

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Security forces are searching for the child with dog force, divers and mounted police. Finally, aides found AJ while drinking water from a small stream from a helicopter Monday morning (local time).

Moment of joy: Father Anthony Elfalak hugs his wife Kelly when news comes in that AJ is alivePhoto: Dean Lewins / AB

“He was able to survive because he was close to the water,” a spokesman for the authorities said. AJ went into the bush at a temperature of about three degrees for three nights.

The three-year-old child was reunited with his family and first underwent a medical examination. “He has diaper rash and was bitten by ants, but he is still alive,” his father, Anthony Elflock, told local media.

The paralyzed AJ is taken by an assistant doctor in an ambulance after he is rescued

A paramedic rescued the exhausted AJ after he was taken to an ambulancePhoto: Dean Lewins / AB

AJ was playing with his brothers on Friday and suddenly disappeared. Police are also investigating child abduction as a white vehicle was found near the parents’ home. It is not known why the speechless boy ran outside.

Rejoined: Family Elflock.  It

Glad AJ got backPhoto: Imego Images / AAP

“My leg, my hip, my ankle – I can’t walk. I was in the bush without sleep for four days,” says his father, describing the dramatic moments of the search.

The disappearance sparked a huge outcry, with hundreds of people volunteering to search. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison tweeted, “What a relief! I could not imagine how traumatic this experience would have been for AJ and his parents. Glad to hear the baby is fine. “

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