February 2, 2023

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Austria: Dramatic situation in Salzburg – Hospitals are preparing for the test

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Dramatic situation in Salzburg – Hospitals are preparing for the test

This can be embarrassing for those who have not been vaccinated

Our neighbors in Austria are taking drastic corona measures: those who have not been vaccinated are now allowed to leave home only for important reasons. With this area lockdown, the situation can be dealt with again.

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Seven-day events are high in the state of Salzburg in Austria. Now the hospitals there are teaming up with a triage team that will advise who can be treated and who can not in further intensive care in the future.

D.Hospital care is on the verge due to the tense corona situation in the state of Salzburg, Austria. Salzburg State Clinics announced on Tuesday that a triage group will be added because treatment for all patients under compatibility standards will not be guaranteed anytime soon. Due to the scarcity of evidence, medical professionals must first determine who to help. According to a spokesman for the clinics, the team will consult in the future on who can be treated in more intensive care and by whom.

Salzburg state president Wilfried Haslayer (ÖVP) announced relief efforts in response to a call for help from a clinic operator with four of its hospitals. He told a news conference that the situation was “worrying”.

Among other things, some corona patients are being housed in medical rehab centers. In addition, people were asked to inject a third as a booster four months after the second corona vaccine. According to Haslauer, more than a third of newly infected people have been double-vaccinated.

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Former Intensive Care Nurse

With more than 1,500 new infections per 100,000 citizens, Salzburg currently has the highest number of seven-day events in the Austrian federal states. Upper Austria closely follows with a value of over 1400. So Austria’s intensive care unit doctors on Tuesday called for a short lock-in for the general public in these two regions. The situation is “very tense,” said Walter Husseypader, president of the ARGARI Professional Association.

The Conservative VP of Federal Chancellor Alexander Scholenberg has strongly opposed Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens)’s attempt to introduce night-time exit restrictions across the country. Instead, the Conservative presidency relies on locks for unvaccinated people, which has been in effect in Austria since Monday. Mückstein wants to reconsider the situation on Wednesday.

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