December 9, 2022

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Austria: Greens question Kurs’ ability to act – politics

Pressure on Austrian President Sebastian Kurz is mounting after a raid on the Chancellor, the Finance Ministry and the கட்சிVP party headquarters. Now the Greens, Kurs’ coalition partner, are questioning his ability to act. Report that Many Austrian media agree.

“We cannot return to the agenda. Against this backdrop, the federal president’s ability to act is questionable. He and club president Sikrit Moore will invite parliamentary committee leaders from other National Council parties to discuss how to proceed. A meeting with Federalist Alexander van der Pellen (Green) was also agreed. The previous day, the opposition had called for Kurs’ resignation.

Liberal Nyos accused him of “vague incompetence” and called for a fresh start for the country. “It cannot continue like this,” opposition leader Pete Maine-Risinger said Thursday. The country needs a clean government. This does not require new elections. President Kurz was humiliated for refusing to resign from the country and office.

Kurz sought to deny the prosecutor’s corruption allegations Wednesday evening. Kurs said on the ORF news program “ZiB2” that he had no indication of personal involvement, for example, appointing opinion polls or placing advertisements in his favor RSS/RT/articles/. “All of these allegations are against Finance Ministry employees,” Kurs stressed. The manipulation of the referendum in his favor is absurd because dozens of opinion polls in 2016 revealed similar values ​​for parties and politicians. Kurz refused to resign.

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It is about a positive statement purchased with taxpayer money

The Office of the Economic and Corruption Attorney (WKStA) was searched Wednesday by the Chancellor, the Ministry of Finance and the ÖVP headquarters. The State Attorney’s Office is investigating Kurs and some of his closest associates on suspicion of breach of trust, bribery and corruption. The group around the 35-year-old head of government is said to have bought a positive report in a pamphlet with tax money from Kurz in 2016 to pave the way for the party leadership and president. A brief believer in the Ministry of Finance is said to have played a key role in fundraising.

According to the Office of the Attorney General, the results of the potential manipulation survey were published in the editorial section of the Austrian newspaper and other media outlets belonging to this group – without being advertised.

According to the authority, it is suspected that public officials paid the media company as part of media and advertising collaborations. According to WKStA, the evidence obtained during the house search will now be viewed and evaluated. The media team denies the allegations. The company said there was no agreement at any time between the media group “Austria” and the Ministry of Finance to pay for the survey through advertisements.

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