December 6, 2022

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Austria: Raid on Presidential Palace in Vienna – President Sebastian Kurz under suspicion. He vehemently denies the allegations. – Politics abroad

Serious allegations against Austrian President Sebastian Kurz.

The Austrian prosecutor’s office accuses him of treason, bribery and corruption. Kurz and his group are said to have used criminal methods on their way to power in the party and the state.

Investigators arrived Wednesday at the Chancellor, ÖVP headquarters, the finance ministry and a media outlet to secure the goods. They have been searching for emails and data carriers, servers, cell phones and laptops since early 2016. The close circle around Kurs was affected – a spokesman, his media adviser and his key strategist. Rumors of an impending raid have been circulating for days.

Kurz dismissed suspicion of corruption. “I firmly believe that these allegations will soon turn out to be false,” the Conservative Politician (ÖVP) broadcaster ORF said. He accused investigators of taking chat messages out of context or misrepresenting them. “Then a criminal charge was made around it.” In view of the home inspections, Federal President Alexander van der Pellen spoke of a very unusual and serious process.

The 104-page justification of investigators for searches is difficult. These words were published by the intelligence online portal Jaxack — behind it is Peter Giles, a former Green leader and former member of the National Council.

The document raises suspicions that Kurz was allegedly involved in a deal with an Austrian media company. According to the lawsuit, since April 2016, as Foreign Minister at the time, he has been involved in influencing editorial content with ads funded by taxpayers’ money. Surveys are said to have played a key role in this, as time, questions and evaluation were affected by Kurs’ team.

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ÖVP and the media company vehemently denied the allegations.

The media panel announced that “there is no agreement between the ERSTERREICH Media Group and the Ministry of Finance to pay for the survey through advertisements at any time”.

Deputy ÖVP General Secretary Gabriela Schwartz spoke on the news of the false allegations. “It always happens with the same goal and organization: to do great damage to the People’s Party and Sebastian Kurs,” he said. Investigators apparently want a “show effect”.

ParliamentaryVP Parliamentary Committee Chairman August Wozniacki announced the protest. “We will oppose this with all our might, both politically and legally.”

ParliamentaryVP Parliamentary Committee Chairman August Wojinger (46)Photo: Robert Jagger / dpa

According to the state prosecutor’s office, more than a million euros must have flowed from the finance ministry’s budget when Kurz tried to capture the .VP. In 2017 he won a power struggle against the hopeless inferior ÖVP party leader Reinhold Midlehner and in December 2017 became president of the ÖVP and right-wing FPÖ coalition.

Even after that, cooperation between the Chancellor and the media should continue. “I never really went like us. Great investment. (…) who pays for the works. I like it. Thanks to Austria today! “

Will the government crisis come now?

The government crisis now seems inevitable. The Greens, as the ÖVP’s partner in the coalition since January 2020, have always insisted that only a “clean policy” is possible with them. The alliance of the ÖVP and the Greens has recently been repeatedly burdened by ÖVP allegations against the judiciary.

Vice President and Greens leader Werner Kokler said Wednesday that “attacks on the judiciary as a whole must be rejected.” Florian Kleink, editor-in-chief of “Folder” magazine, wrote on Twitter: “After reading this home search warrant and the chats in it first, one can say with confidence: this is no longer possible by alliance. The game between ÖVP and the Greens is over.”