November 30, 2022

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Baerbock makes sentence problematic: Mullah violence has “nothing to do with religion” | Politics

Anger over Baerbock sentence about Muslims |

Mullah violence ‘has nothing to do with religion’

In Iran, at least 76 people have died in less than two weeks as they protest against the rule of Islamist mullahs and the government’s forced veiling.

Inciting Nationwide Protests: A Young Kurdish Woman Mahza Zina Amini (22) She was beaten to death by “moral guards” in Tehran on September 16 after allegedly wearing a headscarf in violation of official religious rules in Iran.

Foreign Minister Annalena Berbach (41, Greens), Amini’s death has nothing to do with religion!

︎ On Thursday, Baerbach said in the Bundestag: “With due respect for cultural and religious differences. When the police beat a woman to death, apparently because the moral guards believe that she is not wearing the headscarf properly, it has nothing to do with religion or culture. Then that is a terrible thing. crime

The assumption that Islamic “moral guardians” in Iran have nothing to do with religion? Strange! Because: In mullah-ruled Iran, brutal Sharia laws apply, according to an extreme interpretation of the Koran.

Anger about Baerbach’s sentence

Annoying: The federal government’s queer commissioner, Sven Lehmann (42, Greens), quoted Perbach approvingly after his speech and spoke of “clear speech”.

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► Hamburg CDU MP Christoph de Vries (47) later accused Lehman of “denying the truth”.

“This is not only a total denial of reality, Sven Lehmann and Annalena Baerbach, but a mockery of women, gays and opposition figures who have been victimized by this clerical, Islamist mullah regime for decades,” de Vries said on Twitter.

Clearly: The mullahs have ruled Iran with an iron fist since 1979. The whole people are suffering because of their Islamic ideology. Freedom? nothing. A human right? nothing. Instead, people who oppose the regime are brutally murdered or sentenced to long prison terms.

Criticism also comes from FDP politician and German-Iranian campaigner Saba Farzan (42): “Since 1979, Sharia law has been suffocating Iranian women – in the truest sense of the word! Does Baerbach think that the compulsory veiling of Iranian women is an insult to humanity and has nothing to do with religion?

Farzan to Bild: “Bearbach’s speech missed the point. She really should have delivered today: We owe it to the people of Iran and our own democracy to be completely isolated from this Islamic dictatorship.

“It is necessary to name political Islam as the organizational foundation of these fundamentalists to formulate the right policy,” said the German-Iranian.

BILD Human Rights Expert Against Iran “When the veil falls, the mullahs fall”

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