December 7, 2022

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Bahamas: German vacationer († 57) murdered in front of vacation home | news

German killed in Bahamas |

Torsten H. († 57) was shot in front of his holiday home

Andros, Bahamas – A gruesome murder in a holiday paradise that leaves many unanswered questions. Last Wednesday, a German was brutally shot dead in front of his vacation home in the Bahamas.

Three German men were outside their vacation home on Andros, the Bahamas’ largest island, when they were surprised by a masked gunman who suddenly pulled out a gun, according to authorities. When the vacationers tried to flee from him and escape to their homes, he started shooting them indiscriminately.

As confirmed by police, 57-year-old Torsten Wilhelm H. of Bavaria. was killed while another was injured and sent to a hospital in the capital for treatment. The killer escaped.

A pickup truck carries the body of a murdered man

Photo: Police

According to Neighbor and a close friend of the deceased, H. The family has been coming to the island to spend summer vacations here for more than 30 years and is firmly integrated into the community. The inhabitants of the little paradise are in grief and shock.

“I cannot understand why they are doing such a horrible thing to this family. They were incredibly nice and always brought chocolates for my wife and daughter-in-law,” explains a fisherman friend. The family says they will never come back. Your neighbor asks you to lock the house and empty the cupboards.

“This event has completely destroyed the family,” she says through tears.

Murdered Torsten Wilhelm Hendrik († 57)

Murdered Torsten Wilhelm H. († 57) – Photo released by local police

Photo: Private

Two suspects arrested

Two suspects have now been arrested. According to Adams Elkenow, the fisherman’s son, one of them was a man named Giovanni Monroe. The other, according to Elkeno du Bild, only knew him as “Rani.”

“We, the South Andros community, are incredibly appalled by what happened. The Germans were like locals and always supported the island and its residents. We do not condone such an act and would like to apologise,” he said.

Arrested suspects (left, middle) are handcuffed to each other

Arrested suspects (left, middle) are handcuffed to each other

Photo: Police

The exact background of the crime is still unclear. Local police are continuing to investigate and have vowed to fully investigate the gruesome murder.

For an island like Andros that desperately needs tourism, the incident could have existential consequences.

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