Baltimore shooting

Baltimore Shooting: Gunman Opens Fire on Cookout; One Dead

in Virginia

Less than 48 hours after the San Diego synagogue shooting, another gunman reigned menace on a neighborhood cookout on early Sunday night. The shooting took place in West Baltimore, Maryland – bordering Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia to its south and west. The incident left one person dead and seven injured, the police informed.

Following the incident, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said authorities seek public help in identifying the gunman and more victims who suffered the “tragic, cowardly” shooting. Further adding that such a move would help them to identify who must be held responsible.

The gunman started “firing indiscriminately into the crowd, striking a number of people,” Harrison said.

Shockingly, the police allege the presence of another person who returned fire at the scene of crime, based on two different sets of shells recovered from ground zero, the commissioner said.

“What we believe is that there was a second shooter, perhaps firing back, but it is still unknown,” he said.

As per the reports, the detectives are trying to determine if the cookouts on the other side of the road were somewhat related or not.

The commissioner also said that there were a lot of people on the street when the incident happened, raising possibility that the number of victims may actually be higher than recorded.

“Detectives are now trying to locate victims so that we can find out who was here so that we can learn what happened,” he added.

The wave of terror victimized a male and a female, Baltimore Police Commissioner said. Their identities though are still not known. A man who reportedly died on the scene, also tried escaping by running behind a nearby church where he collapsed.

Nonetheless, with incidents of these sorts continuously raising a big question over the world ever realizing the true meaning of humanity.

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