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‘Barack and Joe’ to State Truth about Obama and Biden Friendship

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The relationship between former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden has once again made the news. However, this time it is due to the book that will be published in upcoming days titled Barack and Joe: The Making of an Extraordinary. In the book, new claims are made regarding their relationship.

The friendship of the two leaders has been one of the major issues to talk about lately. However, with release of the book scheduled and the claims surfacing it seems that the relationship had its several up and down.

Co-authored by Steven Levingston and Michael Eric Dyson, the book claimed that the relationship between former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden strengthened when Obama took the office in 2008. However, their relationship began to deteriorate in the later years of the Obama administration.

According to the authors of Barack and Joe, there were many instances when Obama was driven over the edge due to Biden’s action. The book also mentions a humorous incident claiming once Obama was so irritated due to Biden’s constant chatter that he wrote a note to one of the adviser saying “Shoot. Me. Now”.

The relationship of Obama and Biden further soured when Obama did not come forward to endorse former Vice President Biden in 2016 or in 2020 presidential races.

According to one section of the book, Obama refrained from endorsing Biden because “Joe, despite his many virtues, was just another white guy, one in a long line of American presidents — hardly the symbol of the Teutonic change that Obama hoped would mark his place in the history books.”

“Barack had placed his bet on Hillary, the one he believed would confirm his revolutionary stamp on American’s political culture – the first black president passing the baton to the first woman president,” the book added.

Levingston has previously written books on former President John F. Kennedy. The book based upon the relationship of Barack and Joe is scheduled for a release on October 8. In another instance mentioned in the book, the relationship between former leaders of the country further deteriorated when Obama met with democratic hopefuls including Bete O’Rourke but not with Biden.

Lately, Biden has been surrounded in the controversies like his involvement in his son, Hunter Biden’s business in Ukraine. Furthermore, he is also facing stiff competition with Democratic hopefuls and Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders for the presidential primaries. With Barack and Joe lined for release on October 8, it will be interesting to see how the book release will affect Biden’s Presidential Campaign.

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