December 6, 2022

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Barbach’s book: Even passages about your own travels are copied – domestic politics

Green presidential candidate Analina Barbach (40, Greens) even wrote when it came to her own travel reports!

This is shown by new evidence published by piracy hunter Stephen Weber (51). The Barbach book now has 43 paragraphs (“Now. How we renew our country”, Ulstein), which clearly comes from a foreign pen.

Notable: Barbach also used other authors for more emotional experiences on business trips.

Starting on page 45, “heart and mind” in the chapter, a member of Iraq and the Kurdistan autonomous region pantestak how he describes how the trip was: “I wanted to get yaciti women’s situation and an idea. Children, imprisonment and years of torture are among the most common causes of ISIS.

47 47 Perbach elaborates on the suffering of Yacid women, which, according to Perbach on page 47, touched them deeply: “Tears ran down my cheeks. They still do it today when they write. “

But here, he copied a passage, this time “Deutsche Welle“This is a study by Amnesty International, a human rights organization.

Barbag Book
(Chapter “Heart and Mind”)
DW Article “Endless Dream for Acidity Kids” (02.08.2020)
“The liberated girls escaped sexual violence in the most horrific form at the age of eight, twelve or fourteen. Boys are no better than this. Almost half of the children were abused as soldiers. They were constantly beaten, starved and thirsty, severely abused. They were trained in weapons and had to fight under death threats. . ”
(S. 46)
Many have experienced horrific sexual violence like Randa. […] The boys are no better. Nearly half of the children were abused as soldiers. […] The story of the continuous pulses of cables and plastic pipes, hunger and thirst, severe abuse. Zahir trained in weapons and was forced to fight under death threats.
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Notable: Even when Barbaugh describes his visit to the energy company “50 Hz” in his book from page 211, he does not find any words of his own for it – he uses texts from the company’s website to describe his personal experiences.

In this passage in the Pass book, Fairbags inserts in his speech that “we discussed up and down” so he may mention his own visits to the site – but then move on to the company text.

Barbach Procrastinator
(“Strategic Sovereignty”)
50 Hz (“Systemführung”) text on the company’s website
“Inside the control center is monitored, controlled and regulated so that millions of people, hospitals, factories, schools and residential buildings in the north and east of Germany can get electricity from their sockets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Many years ago I visited 50 Hz for the first time. .
Then, we discussed how diffused electricity can be safely carried over long distances and how to guarantee that the phase frequency is constant.
This is because the energy generated from wind or photovoltaics is subject to strong fluctuations due to the weather. “(P. 211)
“Here, our experts monitor the network of the Group of 50 Hertz Transmission, Control, Control uses the latest technology. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with millions of people in the north and east of Germany, along with our allies across borders across Europe.
Energy generated from renewable sources such as wind power or photovoltaics is subject to strong fluctuations due to the weather. “
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