December 9, 2022

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Battle day at a glance: Kiev launches counterattack on Cherson – Russia and Ukraine discuss grain supply

Battle Day at a Glance
Kyiv launches counter-offensive on Kherson – Russia and Ukraine discuss grain supply

Ukraine wants to regain control of occupied Cherson in the south of the country and claims to have hit an ammunition depot in a rocket attack. The southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv is reporting attacks, even as Russian troops are concentrated in the east. Meanwhile, there is hope in the dispute over grain exports. Representatives from Moscow and Kiev are expected to arrive in Istanbul for consultations. A look at the 138th day of the war.

Ukraine launched a counteroffensive in Kherson

Ukraine has launched a counter-offensive in the south of the country to regain control of Russian-occupied territory. According to Ukrainian sources, long-range missiles were fired at the targets Accordingly, it attacked the ammunition depot at Nova Khakovka near Cherson. 52 Russians were killed. At least seven people were killed in Ukrainian shelling, according to the Russian-installed administration in the region. Another 60 or more were injured, Russian news agency TASS quoted Vladimir Leontiev, head of the administration, as saying. The information could not be independently verified. Leontiev added that a warehouse containing saltpeter was hit. Nitrate can be used as fertilizer and to make explosives. Rockets from America’s Mobile Missile System HIMARS were used in the attack. Ukraine initially did not comment on this.

The Russians also operate in the south: the attack on Mykolayiv is renewed

Russian forces have concentrated their attacks in the eastern part of the country. After seizing Luhansk region, Donetsk is now in Russia’s sights; If we win there, the entire Donbass will be captured. Donetsk regional governor Pavlo Kyrilenko said there was a significant deployment of Russian troops in the region, particularly in Bagmut and Chiversk regions, as well as Sloviansk and Kramatorsk regions. The shelling continued along the entire front line. Russian troops still tried to break through but were pushed back, Kyrilenko said. According to the TASS agency, Russian forces have already surrounded Chiversk. Russian forces launched another attack on the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv today. According to the governor of the region of the same name, at least twelve people were injured. Shells from multiple rocket launchers hit two medical facilities and residential buildings, Governor Vitaly Kim said in a telegram.

Russia and Ukraine discuss grain supply in Istanbul

There is hope for a solution to the dispute over grain exports from Ukraine blocked by Russia. Representatives from Russia and Ukraine are in Turkey on Wednesday to discuss resuming grain supplies across the Black Sea. According to Ankara, representatives of the UN and Turkey will also participate in the meeting in Istanbul. For weeks, the international community has been demanding that Russia allow Ukrainian grain exports.

Is Iran Supplying Drones to Russia?

According to the US, Iran wants to support Russia in the war. “Our information shows that the Iranian government is preparing to rapidly deploy several hundred unmanned aerial vehicles, including those capable of carrying weapons,” said Jake Sullivan, national security adviser to US President Joe Biden. Iran will train the Russians to use these aircraft, often referred to as drones, Sullivan said. It is not clear whether such weapons have already been delivered.Iran has denied Sullivan’s statement, arguing against a diplomatic and military solution to the conflict.

Slovenia expects an arms exchange with Germany soon

Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golop hopes to reach an arms exchange deal with Germany by the end of the summer. According to this, the country will hand over T72 tanks to Ukraine and receive military equipment from Germany in return. According to Golop, Russian-made weapons still available in Eastern European countries are easier for Ukrainian soldiers to use. Earlier, he said that Slovenia had already supplied weapons to Ukraine. “However, soon there will be no more Russian-made weapons,” he said of stockpiles in NATO countries. Golop rejected the allegation that the time delay was due to the exchange of rings. There is a huge delay in Slovenian armaments, as discarded military equipment must first be made operational again.

The United States is giving Ukraine another $1.7 billion

The United States has provided another US$1.7 billion (EUR 1.69 billion) in budget subsidies to Ukraine, which is under attack by Russia. According to the US Agency for International Development, health workers’ salaries must be paid alongside. The government in Kiev needs to make sure it has money to continue its work and guarantee basic services like health care. According to the agency, it has already disbursed a total of four billion dollars in grants.

EU freezes 14 billion euros from oligarchs and corporations

According to its own reports, the EU has so far frozen nearly 14 billion euros worth of Russian assets. According to EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders, these are the values ​​of oligarchs, other individuals, institutions, communities or organisations. “That’s too much.” With more than twelve billion euros, the majority of the exact 13.8 billion was determined by just five of the 27 EU countries. “So we have to convince others to do the same,” Reinders said before a meeting of EU justice ministers in Prague. He did not say which 5 countries were involved.

Russian central bank sees signs of economic stability

What are the barriers? This is a frequently asked question. Russia’s central bank sees signs that the economy is stabilizing after a slump as a result of Western sanctions. The crisis caused by the war in Ukraine is growing worse than first feared, said Kirill Tremazov, director of monetary policy at the Russian Central Bank. The expert was speaking ahead of a July 22 meeting in which the bank is expected to cut its policy rate from 9.5 percent, which supports the economy with cheap credit. An adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin predicted in May that the country’s gross domestic product could shrink by as much as five percent in 2022. A few weeks earlier, the Russian Ministry of Economic Affairs had predicted a decline of more than 12 percent — the sharpest since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Germany and Austria want to help with severe gas shortages

Energy security continues to be debated in Germany, which has been shaken by the lack of gas supplies from Russia. The Traffic Light Alliance has increasingly argued for longer operating hours for the country’s three remaining nuclear power plants. Meanwhile, an alliance of neighbors is on the horizon in case of severe gas shortages between Germany and Austria. This emerges from a joint statement by the respective climate protection ministers, Robert Habeck and Leonor Küssler. “This includes acquiring transit rights in the event of gas shortages, and there are no technical or security reasons to the contrary.”

Pfizer wants to better protect Germany against cyber attacks

Ukraine war increases risk of hacker attacks: Interior Minister Nancy Fasser wants to better equip security forces against attacks from the Internet. He presented a plan for this today – which includes planned changes to the Basic Law. They are intended to expand the capabilities of federal officials and improve cooperation with federal states. “The turning point we are experiencing in the face of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine requires a strategic realignment and significant investments in our cyber security,” the minister said. The Central Bureau of Information Security (BSI) should be expanded into a central office between the Central and State Governments.

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