January 30, 2023

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Battle | Former NATO commander Ukraine needs fighter jets

Day 324 since the start of the war: Ukraine continues to hold positions in Solatar. Poland requests more than 14 Leopard tanks for Kiev. All information on news blog.

The most important things at a glance

Is Russia opening a second front in Belarus after all?

4:54 am: A commission of the Russian Ministry of Defense, headed by Chief of the Ground Forces Oleg Salyukov, examines the combat readiness of Russian-Belarusian units in Belarus. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense in Minsk. Ukraine has been warning for days that Russia could open a second front by attacking from Belarus. Russia and Belarus have recently increased their military cooperation and are planning joint air force maneuvers next week.

Strack-Zimmerman: Schales needs to jump over his shadow

3.10 am: FDP defense expert Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmerman has stepped up pressure on Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) in the debate over a possible main battle tank delivery to Ukraine. Bundestag member Funke told media group newspapers (Friday) that Germany must finally issue an export license to supply the Cheetah 2. “The president needs to jump over his shadow at the drama unfolding in Ukraine.” It is true that the Polish progress looks like an election campaign, during which Germany is only too happy to present. “One way or another, training should begin today on the Leopard 2, in parallel with the training of Ukrainian soldiers on the Marder infantry fighting vehicle.” Otherwise, you are losing valuable time.

Report: Russia wants to raise age limit for soldiers

Many EU commissioners want to go to Kyiv

1:53 am: A good dozen EU commissioners want to hold immediate talks with government representatives ahead of a planned February 3 summit between the EU and Ukraine. “About 15” of the 27 EU commissioners will attend the February 2 meeting, EU Commission spokesperson Dana Spinand told AFP news agency on Thursday, confirming a report by US media outlet “Politico”.

Poland: Ukraine needs 14+ Panther tanks

1.21 am: Poland is pushing Ukraine to acquire more than 14 Leopard main battle tanks from a coalition of Western states. “Poland will request the creation of large military units of military importance in the defense of Ukraine,” Polish Ambassador to Germany Dariusz Pavlos told the Funke media group newspaper, according to a preliminary report. “Such a formation with professional equipment could establish a serious blockade against Russian aggression against Ukraine.”

A Leopard 1 tank (archive image): Poland requests more than 14 models for Ukraine. (Source: Eckehard Schulz/imago-images-pictures)

Former NATO commander Ukraine needs fighter jets

12:30 PM: James Stavridis, the former commander of NATO in Europe, advocates the delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine. “Maybrit Illner” Stavridis says in the ZDF project: “I think Ukraine needs fighter jets. In particular, he advocates getting Kyiv MIG29s from Poland and F16s from the USA. MIG29s can be delivered directly, Ukrainians know how to operate them. .”Ukrainian pilots F16 Can be trained in “A second, more complex wire takes longer to pass through.” “It’s a relatively simple aircraft that’s easy to learn.” Former US Admiral Invites Western Tanks to Ukraine “Critically important”, this type of weaponry of Ukrainian troops is important for ground combat, regardless of which NATO country the tanks come from.

Slovakia allows fighters to enter Ukraine

12:33 am: Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová has authorized seven comrades to volunteer in the Ukraine conflict. According to Slovakian newspaper “Pravta”, there were even more requests rejected for security reasons. According to former general Pavel Masek, there are fears that foreigners are easy targets for Russian troops. In Slovakia, Article 392 of the Criminal Code actually prohibits citizens from fighting in a foreign army. According to Pravda, the Attorney General’s Office is interpreting the passage to require permission for such activities. This may be provided under the Recruitment Act, which also applies to foreign armed forces. The President must sign the assent.