September 27, 2022

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Battle League is getting a brand new trailer

Battle League is getting a brand new trailer

Mario Attackers Battle League Trailer

Mario Strikers: Battle League The Switch was announced during the Nintendo Direct earlier this year, but we haven’t heard much about the game since then. However, Nintendo just came out with a new five-minute trailer that provides a look at the upcoming Switch title.

In case you missed our previous coverage, here’s some info about Mario Strikers: Battle League:

Introducing Strike, a 5v5, soccer-like game with no rules – do whatever it takes to win! Be brave and try to score as many goals as you can by dealing with enemies, using items and accomplish score boosting super hits. Super Mario series mainstays like Peach, Toad, and Yoshi put the cleats (and stats) on the field and stop at nothing to score. Customize your characters with equipment that can increase their stats and appearance. Take on the carnage online or pass the ball to the players locally – just find the electric fence.

Join an online club to advance and work your way up the ranks

Team up with up to 20 strikers online and compete against other clubs for points. Find the right club for you, team up with friends, and bring your own striker style to the table. Strive to become the best club in the world every season!

Hit the field with up to 8 players

Up to eight players can hit the target on a single Nintendo Switch system, with a local wireless network, or via the Internet. Bring a secondary attacker on the same system in online battles as well. Locally, up to four players on each team can play in singles matches.

Watch the new Mario Strikers: Battle League trailer below.

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Mario Strikers: Battle League launches for Switch on June 10, 2022 worldwide.