February 1, 2023

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Because he read a book about Jews – the anti-Semitic attack on a Vienna student – the news abroad

Veen – An open case of anti-Semitism is currently causing a stir in Austria. Like the Viennese “Kronen-Jeetung” A student from Carinthia was killed in an anti-Semitic attack in a subway – because he was reading a book!

According to a 19-year-old Jewish student, he was at U3 in Vienna and had a book entitled “Juice in the Modern World”. (Jews in the modern world) According to.

The three men took this as an opportunity to attack the young woman and pull her hair and curse her. According to the student with the words “Jewish slut” and “child killer”.

However, what happened when the student returned to the police was as shameful as the attack!

Shocked by the incident, he called for help from two police officers he saw on the street after getting off the tunnel.

Incredible: Instead of taking the incident seriously, the first question is, “Why should she read such a book now in this conflict situation?” Since he was not a Jew, no one could talk about anti-Semitism.

Since it was not possible to find the culprits, the authorities advised her to forget about the incident.

A request was made a few days later to the subway operator Weiner Linen: they save the video material for 72 hours and then delete it.

The city police command responsible for investigating the incident has now been appointed by the state police headquarters and the home ministry. Take incidents like this very seriously.

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