February 1, 2023

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Because he was gay: 20-year-old Iranian brother beheaded

To Fixed reports from the international media Iranian Alireza Paselli-Monbared was called “the honor killer” by relatives last week. His family found out that the young man was gay.

Fazelli-Monbared is said to have been beheaded by his half-brother and cousins. They found out about his sexual orientation when he was given the official reason for not being allowed into military service.

The young homosexuals affected by this find themselves in a very threatening situation, which LGBT organizations have already criticized on several occasions.

In Iran, under Sharia law, homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment or even death.Photo: Instagram / Alireza Fazeli-Monfared

He wanted to escape to Turkey

A good friend of the victim told the IranWire website that Fazelly-Monbert’s last phone call was with his mother at 7pm on May 4th.

Shortly afterwards, his half-brother arrived at the 20-year-old apartment and said his father wanted to talk to him. After driving to a nearby village, he is said to have been murdered there.

According to the BBC, the fun-loving young man is said to be planning to flee to Turkey. His partner already exists. From Phosphorus, the couple wanted to apply for asylum in a European country.

After Alireza’s death, the perpetrators contacted his mother and told her whereabouts of her son’s body, his friend told the LGPTI organization “6Rang”. Then he had to get medical treatment. According to his report, the killers have already been arrested.

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