February 2, 2023

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Because of the many illegal entries: Seehofer wants border controls for Poland – domestic policy

A new wave of asylum is rolling towards Germany: by the end of September, 100,000 immigrants had applied for asylum in Germany for the ninth year in a row.

Horst Seehofer (72, CSU) is now reacting to the Federal Police Association’s fire letter issued by the BILD, demanding control of the German-Polish border.

Seahofer is now openly fighting for it. According to BILD, the home minister wants to bring the issue to the cabinet on Wednesday – and bring a quick decision. Last week, Seahofer discussed with federal police chief the extent to which border controls are possible.

Heiko Decadz, 48, president of the Federal Police Union, had previously warned: In his letter to Schoffer, he insisted on “introducing temporary border controls to Poland”!

He wrote: “The number of fears has been rising exponentially for months.” Only by introducing temporary border controls can the federal government prevent a “collapse” of borders, as it did in 2015.

Currently, “the number of unauthorized inputs and the number of discoveries of persons smuggled across the border into Poland” is consistent with 2013 figures on the Austrian border. The situation reached its “tragic peak” in 2015 when the “collapse of the border security structure” led to “uncontrolled entry of immigrants into Germany”. It “should not be done again”.

Decades continues: “Because SARS-Cov-2 infections are even more prevalent in the countries of origin of immigrants (Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.), our colleagues also face significant health risks. They are rarely recorded by the authorities in Germany and Europe.” Generally existing health regulations are certainly not adhered to in the “smuggling process”.

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Governments in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland accuse Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko, 67, of bringing immigrants and refugees from crisis areas into the EU’s outer border in an organized manner. Lukashenko announced at the end of May that Minsk would no longer bar immigrants from continuing to travel to the EU – in response to the tightening of Western sanctions against his country. Since then, there have been increasing reports of attempts to cross the EU’s outer border with Belarus and the German-Polish border.

Nearly 500 unauthorized crossings over the weekend

Last weekend (October 15-17), federal police arrested nearly 500 unauthorized immigrants who had entered or been abducted on the German-Polish border.

Most of them were inside Brandenburg The decision was made, according to the Berlin Federal Police on Monday. From Friday to Sunday, 288 people were taken there by the Border Police. Most of them are citizens of Iraq, Syria, Iran and Yemen.

In Saxony A total of 135 people were taken into custody by the Central Police over the weekend, according to the Central Police in Birna. Refugees arrived in Poland via Belarus without a visa or were deported to Germany.

On the German-Polish border Mecklenburg-West Pomerania The Federal Police initially announced a quiet weekend in view of the illegal immigration. However, on Sunday evening and night, there were “increased unauthorized inputs” and 54 people were arrested.