December 10, 2022

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Before being handed over: John McAfee died in prison – Panorama

According to officials, security software maker McAfee founder John McAfee has died in his prison in Barcelona. The Catalan Ministry of Justice on Wednesday confirmed a statement related to the newspaper The world. It may have been a suicide, it said in a statement.

A few hours ago, Spain’s Supreme Court ordered the 75 – year – old to be deported to the United States. There, the British-American programmer is charged with tax crimes. McCaffy was arrested at Barcelona airport in 2020. At the inquest, McAfee said the allegations against him were politically motivated.

McAfee founded an antivirus software company called McAfee in the 1980s, from which he retired in the 1990s. In 2012, McAfee released headlines about escaping a brave jungle, following the murder of his neighbor in Belize.

Editor’s note: We have decided to be very careful when reporting suicides or suicide attempts. This is due to the high number of copies in each report of suicides. If you have concerns, contact the telephone consultation immediately ( On the free hotline 0800-1110111 Or 0800-1110222 In many cases you will get help from counselors who are able to point out ways out of difficult situations.

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