February 2, 2023

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Belarus: Refugees break the Polish border fence – politics abroad

Warsaw – Parts of the night were available to two large groups of refugees Border fence between Belarus and Poland Break!

On Tuesday evening, the Polish news agency “PAP” quoted local broadcaster Bialystok as saying that dozens of migrants had been able to cross the border by destroying fences near the villages of Krynki and Bialowieza.

The station quoted a border police spokesman as saying that fences and barriers had been forcibly torn down in both cases. Some refugees have returned to Belarus, while others are in hiding.

There are hundreds of people on the Belarusian side. It said the refugees had received food from Belarusian organizations, according to Polish officials. EU member Poland has stationed thousands of soldiers at the border to prevent the barricades from breaking.

Foreign Minister Mass Lukashenko is threatened with EU sanctions

On Wednesday night, Foreign Minister Heiko Moss (55, SPD) threatened Belarusian dictator Lukashenko with EU sanctions. “We will allow anyone to take part in the targeted abduction of migrants,” the foreign ministry said in a statement. The extension of sanctions to other parts of the economy has not been ruled out. Because: The EU is “not open to black tigers”.

Lukashenko had to recognize that “his calculation did not work.” Through the actions of the past months, the EU has already made it clear that “we are firmly committed to the treacherous and inhumane conduct of Mr. Lukashenko and his allies.” The EU will continue to “follow” this path.

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko called on the people to allow it in an interview on Tuesday. He said cynically that refugees do not want to settle in Poland, but primarily want to settle in Germany.

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The politician, who has been criticized as “Europe’s last dictator”, has a reputation for bringing people by plane from crisis-stricken countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq to the EU border. Lukashenko denied the allegations and said international smuggling networks were responsible for organizing people’s travels. He reiterated that immigration to the EU could no longer be prevented.