December 10, 2022

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Berlin condemns kidnappers: Lukashenko “abuses people in need” – Politics Abroad

The regime of Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko has flown nearly 4,000 migrants out of Iraq since June and then deported them across the border to Lithuania to the European Union.

Former Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linus Linkevius (60) on Monday called it a “hybrid aggression” in the BILD and called on the federal government to provide “logistics and diplomatic assistance.”

Accordingly, the BILD asked how the situation on the border between Belarus and Lithuania is being assessed in the government district in Berlin. The Federal Foreign Office responded unusually harshly and condemned both Lukashenko and Iraqi Airlines.

In fact, when asked by the BILD, the Foreign Office said: “The Belarusian regime is abusing the people for political purposes. Germany and the EU openly condemn this behavior of those in power in Minsk.

The federal government is currently sending “German personnel to Lithuania as part of the EU’s external border security” to support the country “politically and practically.”

Regarding “Iraq Airways”, Lithuania has failed to stop their hijacking flights to Belarus in the last two months. Misuse of existing air links from Baghdad to Minsk.

However, these efforts have not been fruitful so far. “Iraq Airways” flew to Belarus on Monday. Not from Baghdad as before, but from Sulaymaniyah for the first time in an autonomous Kurdish region. The airline avoided European and Ukrainian airspace and instead flew a wide curve over Russia to unquestionably transport refugees to Belarus.

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On Tuesday, a Boeing 747-400 with more than 400 seats flew back into Russian airspace from Baghdad to Minsk. Putin’s Russia is considered the closest and only ally of the Lukashenko regime, and is therefore well aware of its “hybrid” and inhumane attacks on the EU.

Frontex drone movies work for state hijackers

The European border security agency Frontex’s drone records released on Tuesday show how brave Lukashenko is in his abduction operations.

They show how Belarusian border guards take refugee groups in their jeeps off the roads leading directly to EU neighboring Lithuania. A few meters before the green border, the alleged border guards move away and allow a group of 25 people, including several children, to cover only the last few meters in the direction of the EU.

In addition, the Lithuanian border guards released records showing how the Belarusian border guards remove the barbed wire fences between the two countries. This, and therefore the presumption of the Lithuanians, should facilitate the illegal crossing of refugees from Iraq and mainly from African countries.