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Bernie Sanders Criticizes Mitch McConnell at Campaign Rally in Louisville

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Vermont Sen. and 2020 Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders, during his campaign rally in Louisville, attacked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell amongst 2,000 people, on Sunday afternoon.

Sanders, in his rally, termed McConnell as an “obstructionist” for impeding the efforts to lessen gun violence, improve election security and increase the federal minimum wage. During his rally, the Vermont Sen. asked the Senate Majority Leader to “have the guts to debate the issues”.

He said, “If you want to vote against any of that legislation, that’s fine. You then have the right to come back to Kentucky and tell the people why you voted the way you did. But you don’t have the right to stop democracy in the United States Senate.”

Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders, who earlier proposed to change Criminal Justice System, also mentioned that out of the 25 poorest counties of the country, 10 are present in Kentucky. He went on to assert that Mitch McConnell has not only turned his back to the working class of the Senate, but also serves the interests of organizations donating to his campaign.

Sanders further went on claim that Senate Majority Leader was provided “huge amounts of campaign contributions from Wall Street companies like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase and hedge fund”.

Sanders, who received a boost in popularity following the second Democratic debate, in response to his attack on McConnell was criticized by Governor Matt Bevin, in a video posted on a video-sharing platform YouTube.

Governor Bevin, in the video, said, “He (Bernie Sanders) thinks that everything should be free, somehow the job creators should be punished, and the people who do and don’t work to varying degrees should get everything for free. Doesn’t work that way.”

He further went on to link his opponent, Andy Beshear who is gunning for the post of Governor of Kentucky with Sanders. He said, “In this race, in 2019 here in Kentucky, you’ll also have people on both sides of this equation. Andy Beshear, who is in line with Bernie Sanders — they share the same party, the same ideology, they share the same values on many fronts.”

During his speech, Bernie Sanders endorsed his climate change deal in which he aims to produce 20 million jobs in the energy sector and also mentioned the coal miners, offering them the support and claiming them not the “enemy”. 

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is continuously trying to top the list of the 2020 Democratic hopefuls, earlier from his climate change policy and now by openly slamming the Senate Majority Leader. The only question the remains is, will the percentage of his supporters see a growth after such an open attack on Mitch McConnell in his home state?

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