February 1, 2023

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“Beyond all that has happened before”: Clinics fear the rise of Omigran

“Beyond everything that has gone before”
Clinics fear that will increase from Omikron

German hospitals fear a worsening situation due to Omikron, which “surpasses all we have ever experienced”: a shortage of more seriously ill patients and at the same time massive staff. Politicians need to think about communication restrictions.

In view of the rapid spread of the Omikron variant, the German Hospitals Association (DKG) has warned against increasing the situation in German hospitals. “If the prognosis is confirmed, then the Omigran variant is more contagious than the delta and the vaccine protection against severe studies is weaker in people who are not encouraged, in the worst case scenario we will have to deal with a large number of seriously ill patients.” Gerald Goss, chairman of the TKG board, told the “Rhinest Post”.

For hospitals, it could be an even worse situation, Gos warned, “beyond all we have experienced so far.” “According to the calculations of scientists, this fifth wave will hit us before the current high level in the intensive care units is significantly reduced,” he told the newspaper.

Further staffing concerns are also conceivable: in countries such as Great Britain and Denmark, a high number of infections can be found with corona causing a significant overstaffing of the health sector. “The loss of more critically ill patients and at the same time massive staff losses will further exacerbate the situation than before,” the DKG boss stressed.

“We should not waste any time”

Kass appealed to the government not to reject further restrictions on communication. “We must not waste any time, we must act immediately before the number increases in Germany, and we can no longer prevent the overburdening of hospitals,” he stressed.

As the Omigran variant of the corona virus spreads rapidly, media reports say the federal government is considering imposing more restrictions on events. At a special meeting of the federal and state governments before Christmas, decisions on relevant communication restrictions may be made. The Federal Corona Expert Council has recommended the rapid introduction of new communication restrictions due to the proliferation of Omigrans. According to experts, action is needed “already for the next few days”.

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