February 1, 2023

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Biden buttoned down governors after Corona cases escalated

IIn the United States, the number New corona infection, Hospital admission and deaths. On the other hand, the vaccine campaign is progressing slowly. These are mainly states in the south where corona cases are on the rise – states ruled by Republicans, in which the wearing of masks is often denigrated as unpatriotic and there are many who refuse to be vaccinated.

President பிடன் The thread of patience is now broken. In the most direct way, he has now insulted the governors of Florida and Texas, who have been fierce opponents of any lockout during epidemics and have recklessly reasserted themselves, especially those from Texas. Yes, they are not part of the solution, they only make the problem worse. Will Biden’s swearing be reconsidered? Probably not.

Since he had previously gone to Governor Button, he was recommended to the Governor of New York. Andrew CuomoTo resign. The most self-confident and ambitious Democrat accused of sexual harassment with a party tree; An investigation report confirmed the allegations. But with Biden’s approval, there is one thing: Cuomo was legally elected as the Republican he criticizes. In the federal system, it is not the job of the president to force governors to resign. In addition, the New York Parliament wants to launch criminal proceedings against Cuomo. What is the purpose of Biden?

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