January 28, 2023

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Biden for National Holiday: The corona vaccine is a patriotic act

Updated July 5, 2021, at 7:25 p.m.

  • Biden’s vaccine missed the target. Now the US president is promoting the vaccine again.
  • On a national holiday, he describes the vaccine as “too patriotic” for citizens to do.

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U.S. President Joe Biden has called on Americans to be vaccinated on national holidays to achieve “freedom” from the corona virus. Vaccination is the “most patriotic” thing citizens can do right now Biden Sunday evening (local time), Independence Day, in the White House garden. “So please: if you haven’t been vaccinated yet, do it. Do it now – for yourself, for your loved ones, for your community, for your country.”

Thanks to the vaccine campaign, Biden stressed that the United States is “closer than ever to declaring its independence from the deadly virus.” The Virus But not yet defeated, and there are new dangerous types. “But the best protection against these types is vaccination,” Biden said. Thanks Vaccines The virus no longer controls people’s lives, “it is in our power to ensure that it no longer paralyzes our country and that it will never happen again”.

Biden celebrated the holiday with a large barbecue in the White House garden for the 1,000 guests who celebrated the holiday. Many of these include veterans, health workers and their families.

One million vaccines a day

After sunset, traditional fireworks on July 4 are not far from the White House National Mall in Washington’s historic browser. Thousands of people gathered there to get a closer look at the crackers. In the evening, television films showed high crowds at exciting celebrations and open-air concerts in other cities such as Nashville and New York.

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This year Independence Day is important because Biden wanted to achieve a new vaccine goal. However, despite numerous vaccine concessions and numerous vaccines, the goal was not achieved. By Sunday, 70 percent of adults should have received at least one vaccine. However, so far, only 67 percent, or 173 million people, have received the first vaccine, according to CDC data. Fifty-eight percent of all adults are already fully vaccinated.

The White House had already acknowledged at the end of June that the vaccine target could not be achieved. An average of one million people are vaccinated every day – at an altitude of more than three million Impf campaign In the spring. Of the total population of about 330 million, 55 percent now have at least the first injection.

States attract with rewards for vaccinations

Biden’s barbecue was the biggest event since he began his term at the White House in January, when only a few million people in the country were vaccinated. However, some health professionals are concerned about the government returning to key events. They fear with the rapidly expanding delta variation Corona virus Give the false impression that the epidemic is over and can be celebrated again at will.

The number of new infections has recently risen again, especially in more rural states, where the vaccination rate is sometimes lower than the national average. On average, there are now 13,000 new infections every day across the country.

A lot States are already offering incentives such as more cash prizes Encourage people to be vaccinated without hesitation. However, studies show that the vaccine campaign is now likely to progress more slowly because 20 percent of the country’s population rejects vaccines. Negative attitudes are particularly prevalent among Republicans.

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In United States Vaccines from Biotech / Pfizer and Moderna are mainly used, while those from Johnson & Johnson play a smaller role. The government has received a large number of vaccines and has already begun distributing millions of drugs to other countries. (Ava / DPA)

Joe Biden was the 4th U.S. President to receive Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle. The 78-year-old has twice broken the protocol, despite Joe Biden, unlike his predecessor Donald Trump, showing up late for the meeting.