Biden Gets Bitter in Presidential Race with Personal Hit at Buttigieg

Biden Gets Bitter in Presidential Race with Personal Hit at Buttigieg

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In a battle for presidency with the Republican President Donald Trump, the Democrats have also entered the bitter arena of belittling fellow contenders. Winner of the Democratic Iowa caucuses, Pete Buttigieg recently became a target to former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

The former Vice President was seen mocking Buttigieg’s experience as a mayor of a small city in his campaign’s digital ad being used on YouTube and Facebook, ahead of the 2020 New Hampshire Democratic primary. As Biden’s campaign scoffed at the South Bend mayor, his supporters rebuked Biden of being insolent towards people belonging to small cities and towns.

Trouncing Senator Bernie Sanders in a tied Iowa caucuses, Buttigieg left Senator Elizabeth Warren at the third place and Biden trailing at the fourth. Following his first election victory, polls revealed that the mayor is also gaining ground in New Hampshire.

Pete Buttigieg’s growing popularity among the voters apparently raised an alarm for Biden, prompting him to put down the 38-year-old. To have an upper hand, the 77-year-old sought to compare his 45-year career in public office to Buttigieg, who’s political history only has been the service as a mayor of a town consisting 100,000 people.

The ad, titled “Pete’s Record”, depicts a series of audacious comparisons between the two candidates. Joe Biden’s personal attack at Buttigieg brought back flashes of 2008, when Hillary Clinton criticized the limited experience of her primary rival and then-senator, Barack Obama.

Despite that, Biden’s campaign ad was perceived as the most directly negative hit by any top Democratic presidential contender against a primary rival. “We’re electing a President,” the narrator says in the ad. “What you’ve done matters.”

It later mocks Buttigieg, stating that he “installed decorative lights under bridges” in South Bend, and that he has revitalized the town’s economy by laying out “decorative brick” on the sidewalks.

The ad also aimed at the biggest weakness of the mayor in the ongoing presidential race— the lack of support from non-white voters. “And then he forced out the African-American fire chief, too,” the narrator says.

With increasing voters’ support for the South Bend mayor, the leading Democratic presidential candidates are seen knocked by growing insecurities. Although Pete Buttigieg took the top place in the delayed results of Iowa caucuses, Bernie Sanders sought recanvass in a belief that it could change the outcome due to errors.

As the mayor is gaining a strong standing among Americans, the Democratic battle for presidency is expected to get bitter. The Democratic contenders, however, should step up in their campaign, as Tuesday’s primary could strengthen Buttigieg’s position.

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