December 10, 2022

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Biden’s talk of attacks in Kabul: Dark appearance, difficulty breathing

S.Joe Biden turned himself into a deficit for hours. The U.S. president could not see or hear anything after several people were violently killed at Kabul airport on Thursday. On Thursday evening he appeared in front of the cameras – and threatened to retaliate against those responsible for the attack. Pitton’s appearance in our quick analysis from Washington.

Surrounding: Half an hour late, Joe Biden will appear in a lecture in the East Room of the White House on Thursday at 5:24 pm (local time). “It’s a tough day,” he says early on. Biden rightly spoke of his withdrawal from Afghanistan ten days ago – coldly denying any responsibility for the chaotic process.

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This kick is different. How else could it be? After all, at least 13 U.S. soldiers were killed Thursday. Biden touched and shook. Only once, very briefly, did he smile. Most of the time, Biden speaks with a dark look and a bitter voice. Sometimes he struggles to keep his peace. Biden praises military “heroes”. They are the “backbone of America” ​​and “the best the country can offer”. You have served for freedom, security, America and other people. In short: Unlike ten days ago, the President saw words of remorse. He remembers his late son Pew, who was once in Iraq. He also expressed his condolences to the relatives of all the victims on behalf of his wife Jill. Unusual: Biden listens to a minute of silence and pauses for a moment during the lecture. You can hear his heavy breathing. The President speaks for a total of ten minutes and then answers various reporter questions. Half an hour later he left the east room.

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“We are not forgiven. We will not forget.”

Background: The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Kabul airport, killing at least 13 US soldiers, officials said. The branch of the Islamic State extremist movement in Afghanistan claimed responsibility for the attack. The attacks targeted U.S. troops and their Afghan allies, according to a report released Thursday by a group called IS Corazon Province. Attached to it is a photo showing the alleged killer, according to the IS section. The person is standing in front of a black IS flag wearing an explosive belt, his face is covered with a black cloth that only reveals his eyes.

Threat: “We are not forgiven. We will not be forgotten,” Biden said. He threatened those responsible for the attacks: “We will hunt you down and make you pay.” .There was no other way, because ten days ago, at the same place, he declared: “If necessary, we will protect our people with catastrophic force.”

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Exits: “We will continue the evictions,” Biden says. Terrorists have not been able to stop the mission of the United States. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, the head of the US Federal Command, has already expressed himself accordingly. As for the rest of the Americans in Afghanistan, Biden says: “We will find them and we will drive them out of there.” The State Department estimates that about 1,000 Americans are still in the country. No exact numbers. Some twins also want to stay. He is in constant contact with the commanders on the site, and Biden says: “I always ask: What else do you want?” Whatever they need, “I will give it to them”. If you believe in Pythagoras, the army on the ground does not need additional forces. Ergo: He doesn’t want to send more players.

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News: Withdrawal from Afghanistan continues. It ends on August 31st. Biden wants to end the longest 20-year war in American history. He said it over and over again. So even today. So: it should end on Tuesday. That is: The last 100 hours of the United States in Afghanistan begin on Friday.

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Word war: Biden hands the floor to right-wing television broadcaster Fox News reporter Peter Ducey. He notes that from February 2020 to Thursday no American soldier was killed in violence in Afghanistan. Doozy wants to know if he can take responsibility for what happened in the last two weeks. He is responsible for that, Biden says. But he cites the 2020 deal between former President Donald Trump and the Taliban. This made it a condition that the Taliban would not attack American soldiers. “Do you remember that?” Biden asks. Doozy didn’t go into it. “I ask you,” Biden insists. Then it goes back and forth several times, rather unworthy.

Performance: As Biden speaks, Republican politicians have already called for the president to resign or be fired. “Joe Biden has blood on his hands,” Ellis Stephanic tweeted. The catastrophe in Afghanistan is the result of the president’s “weak and incompetent leadership.”

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Trump wrote in an email that this “tragedy” should not be allowed. His eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., brought an indictment against Biden. MEP and conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Green called it the same. He tweeted that the Biden / Harris administration was “fully responsible” for the explosions.

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WELT reporter Daniel Friedrich Sturm writes that Kamala Harris has not yet accepted a title

Final word: Before leaving the East Room, Biden said in a firm tone, “I never thought that the United States would have to sacrifice its life to establish a democratic government in Afghanistan.