December 5, 2022

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Big setback for Annalina Barbach

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The more you fly, the less you can fall. No other party has seen such a boost in the last few months Green, The woman in front of him was getting ready to fly to the sun, which is called the Chancellor. In the poll he left his rivals Armin Lachet from the lazy planet CDU and Olaf Scholes from the wandering comet SPD; Against the rising star, the nobles looked like the dinosaurs of the political Pleistocene.

But if you come too close to the sun without a weapon, your wings will burn. He is an Icarus. Like the high-flying man from Greek mythology, the two green bosses do these days Robert Hebeck And especially Annalina Barbach. One of them stumbles through a steel helmet through Ukraine and expresses his ignorance in terms of foreign policy. The other struggles with his own resume, forgetting to report special payments over 25,000 25,000 to the Bundestack, It is obviously incomplete, but embellished. “I obviously made a mistake and I’m very sorry about that,” he admitted in the ARD yesterday evening.

The media has been reporting on the discrepancies in the official residence of the candidate for several days. Neither the party headquarters nor the boss cleared up the issue. If you can not control even such a ridiculous topic, how does such a person want to solve the world’s biggest crisis: this is the question that more and more citizens are asking, and the daily demands for sanctions and compulsions make the green platform even more skeptical. Ban short flights (even if the impact of CO2 emissions is small), increase petrol prices (although it will rise anyway due to the long-passed CO2 tax), introduce gender language (even if the majority of people reject it): the list of half-baked ideas may continue, the party starts tomorrow as it did the last few days If Greens-Top manages their store at the conference, it could become the long-planned coronation mass aerial number of Annalena Barbach. Of the 3,280 amendments to the election plan, 20 are: But they have it all. “Handelsplot” comments that “the Green Party platform is rehearsing the uprising against the Rio lesson of the Fairbanks”: 100km / h speed limit on motorways, high CO2 prices, massive tax increase. “The party convention is no less than a school exit exam.” Our correspondent Johannes Peppermire writes.

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Discussions are important in light of the emergence of a living party and the unprecedented challenge posed by the climate crisis. But three and a half months before a federal election you do not win the trust of the people with maximum demands, but with a brilliant ambition and pragmatism, willing to compromise, above all Expertise.

This is the absence of Ms. Barbaugh and her crew. The effects are documented by the new ZF polypromometer: to the question of applicability to the principal, Mrs. Barbag smear drops from 43 percent to 28 percent, The sober “FAZ” even writes about the “sharp decline”. This is on par with the now-advancing union candidate Lacet – SPD pioneer Scholes is suddenly advancing with 48 percent. The ARD Germany trend shows a similar picture: there, the Green leader loses 12 points per question Now behind Lacet and Scholes. Most of those surveyed named the green heart problems of the environment and climate as the most pressing concerns. Do the Greens have the wrong best candidate, Ms. Barbach did not come to work?

Studies are just a snapshot – aside. On the other hand, they are documenting the mood – and the positive mood that the Greens have allowed themselves to carry into the election year has changed. Now the wind is blowing hard on their faces. They have to blame themselves. If you ask yourself why you missed your election goal on the evening of September 26, there may be a sober analysis: because of poor living and stupid management. If you want to fly to the sun, you need strong wings. The green high-flying man does not seem to have them at present.


Europe between the door and the hinge

Angela Merkel and George W. Bush at the 2006 G8 Summit in St. Petersburg. (Source: Image Images)

Tony Blair smiled his Tony Blair smile, George W. Bush abruptly intimidated the president by massaging his back, on the other hand, Jack Chirac behaved as lavishly as ever, and Vladimir Putin was allowed to be there at least for the time being: Angela Merkel In July 2006 it was first allowed to participate in a round of the most powerful industrialized nations, the summit still being called the G8. From today’s perspective, the topics are familiar to us: the Israeli-Palestinian expansion in the Gaza Strip, the controversy over the Iranian nuclear program, North Korea’s missile tests, climate change and world trade, education and yes, And indeed the fight against infectious diseases.

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With the exception of Ms. Merkel, there will be no heroes at the time when heads of state first meet today for the G7 summit in Cornwall, UK. Formally, the list of topics is also long at the moment, but in fact only two focus: dealing with the effects of the corona and the fight against the climate crisis. President of the United States Joe Biden However, the Europeans want to use the summit to their side in the conflict with China. Instead of returning to the US after the frantic Trump era, Europe must liberate itself: not me, but China’s expert Stephen Baron. In an interview with my colleague Mark van Lopke and me, he explains, Why Europe should finally become free – America is not really a democracy.


Finally the kick-off

Italy will host Turkey for the opening match at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.  (Source: dpa / Matthias Polk)Italy will host Turkey for the opening match at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. (Source: Matthias Polk / DPA)

Finally Finally: The European Football Championship starts today with a one-year corona delay. Kick-off Rome between Italy and Turkey, You can find here our practical EM program for printing all other games in eleven countries. Will the German team start the race for a fourth European title in Joachim Low’s last match after 1972, 1980 and 1996? When looking at the recent, well, mixed performance of the national football team, many are skeptical – but Germany has traditionally been a competitive team, which increases over the course of the tournament. So we listened to the opinions of celebrities from the sports, politics and entertainment sectors. Carl-Haynes Romanike My colleague David Digly gave a particularly detailed response. F.C. Bayer is the team boss, he believes in which teams title, who can be the best player in the tournament – and which DFP star will surprise everyone. Look.


Delayed step

Those companies will have to deal with human rights compliance with their international suppliers in the future, Is the goal of the long-discussed supply chain law. Today it will be implemented in the Bundestack and will help control child and forced labor and environmental degradation. As with the grand coalition plans, this is a temporary compromise: in response to business pressure, companies are not liable under civil law – instead they must deal with breaches of duty of care Fines and exemptions from public tenders can only be expected. Nevertheless, the law is not a toothless tiger, but a step in the right direction, it is at the European level Others may follow.

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Read what

ECP boss Christine Lagarde calculates zero.  (Source: Reuters / Guy Biffenbach)ECP boss Christine Lagarde calculates zero. (Source: Guy Fifenbach / Reuters)

If she wants, she can reduce inflation. But Christine Lagarde does not want the head of the European Central Bank to drop the key rate to zero percent. Germans do not think this is a good thing, a study for D-Online now shows: Many citizens are afraid of rising prices, Our correspondent Saga Mauritius Cloft discovered in conversations on the streets of Berlin.


Nearly 19 million people in this country are fully vaccinated against corona, and nearly half the population has received the first vaccine. But even though the vaccination queue has now been canceled and corporate doctors are now allowed to participate, many are trying in vain to get a vaccine appointment. My colleague Sandra Simonson knows the tips on how to do it fast.


The Silas case makes headlines: The professional footballer at VFP Stuttgart lived and played for many years under a false identity, which his agent forced him to do. How did this happen – and isn’t Silas an isolated case? My colleague Dominic Sliskovic spoke to someone who could illustrate the raw business model with African football skills.


What makes me happy

Talking about football: Do you know how incredibly difficult it is to change a fine? Yes it is.

Whether you like balls or not, we wish you a great summer day. The weekend podcast comes from Mark Krueger and Peter Shink tomorrow, and you will read from me again on Monday.



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