September 24, 2022

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BILD Context Center: That’s why Putin’s tanks have roof plates | Politics

Putin’s weird tank cages are back!

New videos from eastern Ukraine show the Russian army’s main battle tanks with increasingly insane superstructures.

You can see the full models of the ancient T-62 tanks that Russia transferred to Ukraine a few weeks ago. In fact, these tanks, nearly 50 years old, were mothballed after the end of the Cold War.

But: Russia lost hundreds of tanks in Ukraine, so old tanks must now go back to war.

Even sunlight prevents this plate on the Russian T-62M tank

Photo: Private

But they don’t come “without protection.” At least if you believe the Russian soldiers driving them. Because ancient tanks have strange structures on their towers reminiscent of roofs or cages. Such superstructures were already seen in the spring, at which time they were more roughly constructed.

Their mission in the spring: to protect tanks against Ukrainian anti-tank missiles of American origin. The javelin traditionally blasts toward its target, unleashing its full force. The Russians believe that a “cage” will reduce the force of the explosion.

But the new structures differed from the old ones – it proved to be less efficient. The old “lattice” will be replaced by continuous panels. Some of these are no longer steel, but wood or solar panels.

Their alleged background: intercepting grenades dropped by Ukrainian micro-drones.

For months now, Ukrainian drone pilots have been dropping them with high precision into the top access hatches of tanks and armored personnel carriers. Vehicles are hit with devastating consequences.

Tank with a roof - This protective cage of a Russian tank is made of corrugated iron.

Tank with a roof – This protective cage of a Russian tank is made of corrugated iron.

Photo: Private

The Russians hope the new anti-drone cages will protect tanks against Ukrainian drone attacks by making access hatches invisible from the sky and therefore unable to be targeted.

New videos reveal details of Kherson attack

Other new videos show the course of the Ukrainian offensive in the Kherson region. It has been going on since Monday and has reportedly claimed a large number of lives on both sides – but has not brought any noteworthy results, except in a few villages.

The videos show how Ukrainian soldiers hide behind American personnel carriers in vast grasslands, while T-72 tanks supplied from Poland open fire on the Russian enemy on a hill.

Another video shows the deployment of US HIMARS missiles on Russian positions. Insiders from the front report that since the start of the Cherson offensive, they have not only fired at the enemy’s rear armories and bridges, but also at the front positions of Russian soldiers.

The last video shows a small significant victory of the Ukrainian army. A Russian BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle with a “Z” painted on it approaches a Ukrainian checkpoint. Arriving, the commander of the vehicle raised the Ukrainian flag. Apparently, the armored personnel carrier was captured and captured during an advance in the region.

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