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Billionaire Tom Steyer might Soon Join 2020 Race

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The boat carrying the crowd of 2020 presidential hopefuls from the Democratic Party is ready to bloat as a 25th candidate might soon join the race. Tom Steyer, one of the most generous donors of the Democratic Party and former hedge fund manager, might soon become the first billionaire candidate from the party.

Steyer, who is currently a climate activist, earlier announced that he won’t participate in the presidential race as his prime aim is to impeach the President.

The billionaire environmental activist in a confidential call with his two organizations ‘Need to Impeach’, ‘NextGen America’ and his Sacramento office announced that he is planning to enter the race of the 2020 elections.

According to one of the sources, Steyer never ruled out the possibility of running as a candidate in the 2020 presidential elections despite his announcement in January.

Tom Steyer said, “Most people come to Iowa around this time to announce a campaign for the presidency. But I am proud to be here to announce that I will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to remove a president.”

While his recent announcement came past the first Democratic debate and the polls that showed Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren on the rise, he would have to deal with a lot of issues to garner the supporters and staff for his campaign.

It is expected that if he announces his campaign officially, which might happen on Tuesday, economy and climate change will be the prime issues of his campaign. With around 8 million people signing the Steyer’s Need to Impeach, he might soon succeed in gaining the support too for his campaign.

Heather Hargreaves, executive director of Steyer-founded NextGen America, is expected to run his campaign. However, she declined to say anthing since Steyer did not make a comment.

The pool of the Democratic hopefuls was already full, with many not being able to garner even one percent of support-. Now that the Americans have already chosen their favorites, how Tom Steyer’s campaign will unfold is yet to be seen.

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