December 10, 2022

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Bishop Xavier Novel is no longer allowed to work

D.He was the youngest bishop of Spain, who, after marrying a woman, wrote erotic-satanic novels and was not allowed to serve in his office. “As is well known, Bishop Xavier Novel I Coma, Bishop Emeritus of Soulsona, married Mrs. Sylvia Caballo y Clemente on November 22, 2021 in the city of Soria in the province of Barcelona,” the Spanish website said Saturday. Episcopal Conference.

Although he retained the status of bishop, Xavier Novel is now “barred from exercising all the rights and functions associated with the office of bishop”. The Bishops’ Conference, which does not deal with the wife’s profession, does not rule out “other possible consequences.”

According to Spanish media reports, the 52-year-old bishop submitted his resignation at the end of August “for personal reasons”. His relationship with the teacher soon became public knowledge. The psychologist has written several erotic-satanic novels since 2017, including “The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust”.

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