February 1, 2023

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Black Sea: British ship – Russia throws warning shots at politics

Russia has fired on Moscow and fired bombs to warn a British warship in the Black Sea, the defense ministry said. In the Russian territorial waters, three kilometers from the Crimean peninsula, the state agency Toss reported on Wednesday, citing the ministry. This was denied by the British government.

The Moscow Ministry declared occupation by the British H.M.S. Defender Initially did not respond to warnings. A border patrol ship then blew up warning shots. After that, four air bombs were “blocked” Defender Abandoned. The British destroyer then left the area. No injuries were reported.

The Defense Ministry in London said on Twitter: “We believe the Russians have carried out target training in the Black Sea.” These were announced in advance. There are no shots aimed at them Defender Enabled. The claim that bombs were hurled in the course of the ship was also not confirmed. The Defender The report states that Ukraine is on a “harmless route” by sea under international law.

Yuri Svitkin, deputy chairman of the Security Council in the Russian parliament, said all such attempts to cross Russia’s borders would be severely thwarted. The Black Sea Navy and the FSP, the domestic secret service responsible for border security, operated in accordance with international law. It said in Moscow that the British military liaison had been summoned to the Russian Defense Ministry following the incident in the Cape Philand, southwest of the Crimean peninsula.

Warning to the United States

The incident comes in the wake of a two-week “Sea Breeze” maneuver in the Black Sea, which, according to US data, is set to launch next Monday. The British warship was also believed to be interested in participating in international military exercises under US leadership.

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Russia has previously urged the United States and its allies not to carry out this maneuver in the Black Sea. The Russian embassy in the United States said on Twitter that “the size of the military exercises and the apparent aggression are in no way relevant to the real security needs in the Black Sea region.” This increases the risk of “accidents”. Every problem can be solved “without coercion” by neighboring states without “outside help”.

There are 32 participating nations, 5,000 soldiers, 32 ships, 40 aircraft and 18 special operations and diving teams from six continents, which, according to US data, is the largest such exercise. The place for the maneuver is Ukraine. These annual exercises have been around since 1997.

The maneuver is taking place against the backdrop of renewed tensions between Moscow and the West. In the spring, Russian and Ukrainian troop parades in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine raised concerns that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine could escalate again. There have been repeated incidents at sea and in the air as Russia sees its air and sea borders being breached. The annexation of Crimea is not internationally recognized, which is why the government in Kiev sees it as Ukrainian territory.

For nearly seven years, the eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk on the Russian border have been controlled by separatists loyal to Moscow. Russia annexed the Crimean Black Sea Peninsula in 2014. In the spring, the United States wanted to send warships to the Black Sea, but after massive criticism from Russia, avoided doing so.

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