February 1, 2023

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Black Sea region: Death toll rises in Turkey

Status: 08/12/2021 8:55 pm.

While the southwestern part of Turkey is affected by wildfires, heavy rains in the north cause floods and landslides. Authorities say at least 17 people were killed.

Floods and landslides following heavy rains have so far killed at least 17 people in northern Turkey. On Wednesday, houses and bridges in the Black Sea provinces of Bardin, Custamono, Sinop and Samsun were heavily flooded, tearing apart cars with them. Helicopters rescued people who went safely to the roofs of houses.

Large parts of the city of Postkurt were badly affected by the floods. At least 13 people were injured when a part of a bridge collapsed in Bardin province. Armed helicopters brought 80 people to safety in the area. Village roads were blocked without electricity in many areas.

The hospital was evacuated

A hospital in Sinop had to be evacuated. Authorities said 45 patients, including four intensive care patients, were brought safely during the operation. Health Minister Fahrenheit Coca said surgery was necessary because of the severe water infiltration. Pictures from the DHA news agency showed the hospital floor under water.

The floodwaters have now receded, according to the Turkish Civil Defense Authority. The Turkish Black Sea region is often affected by heavy rains and flash floods.

I Firefighters in southwestern Turkey are trying hard Meanwhile, to extinguish the wildfire in Mughal province, an area in the Aegean Sea popular with tourists.

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