December 10, 2022

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Black Sea: The Netherlands accuses Moscow of simulating an attack on a warship

R.The Dutch Defense Ministry has said that Russian warplanes carried out fake attacks against a Dutch warship in the Black Sea. When the ministry tweeted on Tuesday evening, Russian jets “HNLMS.

The warplanes flew dangerously aboard the warship, and the engines flew fake attacks. During the incident, which took place on Thursday last week, “Evertson” was in international waters in the southeastern part of the Russian-occupied Crimea.

Earlier in the day, a Russian warship stationed in Sevastopol was reportedly forced to replace a British warship near Crimea with warning shots and bombs. Russia called the maneuver a “provocation” and warned of the dangers of such an approach.

Ukraine and the United States began a two-week military exercise in the Black Sea on Monday with more than 30 countries. The “Sea Breeze” maneuver has taken place 21 times since 1997. In the Ukraine-Russia conflict, this is seen as Western support for the government in Kiev and is constantly criticized by Moscow.

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