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Bobby Rush’s Criticism of Bernie Sanders Raises Doubts amongst Voters

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Democratic Rep. of Illinois, Bobby Rush claimed that it is “egotistical” and “self-centered” for the Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to continue with his 2020 presidential campaign, following the heart attack last week. 72-year-old Rush also heads the presidential campaign of Democratic hopeful Kamala Harris.

Therefore, it might be possible that the statement released is to provide Harris, the support to get her back in the race of presidential primaries.

After Bernie Sanders went through a heart procedure last week, there have been speculations if his campaign will take a hit or will Sanders continue to conduct the campaign at the same pace as before.  However, after meeting with the cardiologist on Tuesday in Burlington, Sanders has decided to take the presidential campaign slowly and steadily.

During the statement, Dem. Rep. Bobby Rush also claimed that Sen. Elizabeth Warren has the highest probability of winning the elections mainly because of the energy she exudes and the focus she brings with her speech. Furthermore, he also acknowledged the fact that Sen. Harris needs to be “more energetic and more engaging” to get back in the race of Presidential primaries.

Apart from the claims of Rush, Vermont Sen. Sanders admitted that the voters are left to contemplate the age and the health factor after the news of his heart procedure gaining the attention.

He said, “Look, everything that happens every day weighs on how people feel about you. You look at the totality of who a candidate is. You look at what that candidate stands for, the integrity of that candidate, the history of that candidate. I have been fighting for working families for my entire adult life.”

Illinois Rep, Bobby Rush also claimed that he considers the seriousness of the impairment more than the age. Rush himself went through a surgery for the removal of cancer from the salivary gland and had a knee replacement as well.

The statement from Rush might negatively impact the Sanders campaign, leaving the voters to factor the age and ailing conditions of the Vermont Sen. more than his policies like the Criminal Justice System and Medicare for All.

Additionally, the increasing rivalry and competition from Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren with upcoming fourth Democratic Debate in Ohio and the recent demise of his daughter-in-law have made the campaign a lot harder than it is for Sanders.

Also, the statement of Bobby Rush has left many to contemplate if Dem. Bobby Rush has played a larger game to get the supporters of Sanders side with Harris or he is merely stating the obvious, voicing what other voters think.

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