January 28, 2023

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Boeing vs Airbus: EU agrees with US on ceasefire in air conflict

European Union and United States Present their bitter controversy over the years regarding subsidies to their aircraft manufacturers Airbus And Boeing On top of the snow. The peace period agreed on July 11 has been extended by five years to 2026. It is how long both parties want to avoid penalty fees. President of the United States Joe Biden Meets with EU Commission Chairman at noon Ursula van der Leyen And Council President Charles Michael Brussels Talk about business issues together.

The European Union and the United States have been fighting their aircraft manufacturers for 17 years. They accuse Airbus and Boeing of improperly subsidizing each other. In early March, after Biden took office, the two sides declared a kind of fighting for four months. Until July 11, they avoided imposing further penalty fees to negotiate a solution to the conflict.

The World Trade Organization went ahead with a tariff war

“This is a good deal, this is a long deal,” said one EU envoy. It was not initially clear how long this would take. “This is an agreement to find a long-term solution,” another source said. There will be sanctions within the World Trade Organization at this time in it Exposed.

EU Commission President Van der Leyen “was very confident that we would find an agreement on the Airbus-Boeing issue today in our conversation with our American friends.” After all, it was “the longest trade dispute in the history of the World Trade Organization,” he said. It is in the interest of both parties to resolve it. In particular, he made no comment on the suspension of punitive charges.

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During the reign of Pythagoras’ predecessor Donald Trump Got it Washington To impose a fine of $ 7.5 billion (6. 6.2 billion) on European goods and services from the WTO, including 25 per cent on wines and 15 per cent on spirits and Airbus aircraft. A year later, Brussels also received WTO approval to impose a total of $ 4 billion in penalties on US imports.