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Is Border wall Obsession Making Trump an Irresponsible Leader?

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It seems as if the government shutdown in the United States wasn’t enough to satisfy President Donald Trump’s obsession with the Mexico border wall. The matter soared to a new level, where the President is considering going on new extremes to meet his demand.

On Sunday, Trump announced that he might declare a national emergency, in order to secure money for his pet project border wall. Claiming that he is not liable to congressional approval for building the wall, the President said, “I can do it if I want — absolutely.”

Historical references suggest that leaders generally invoke emergency powers to deal with natural disasters or crises that demand immediate attention. American presidents have also declared national emergencies in the past, including the one after the 9/11 attacks.

However, legal experts have declared that under the federal law, the emergency powers with President Trump are quite limited. They have also raised doubts on whether such a move would solve the escalating political plight.

The concern is definitely legit, considering the already worsening circumstances on the political grounds. Trump is already in dispute with Democrats over his demand of $5 billion for the wall.

The clash over his demand pressed for a partial government shutdown, which is now tying for the third longest in the US history. Moreover, as the Negotiations over the Mexico border wall funding between the President and Congress are getting bitter, with no end to the impasse in sight.

Trump’s demand for a wall on the South border is a promise that he made during the 2016 campaign. However, his promise has become an obsession, which is clear from his ways.

On Saturday, the President also put up a poster on his Twitter page, saying “The wall is coming,” and people were unable to figure out the significance of the poster as well as the border wall.

Border wall

While the country has plenty of other crucial issues that needs to be managed, the President has decided to indulge in a national dispute over a construction business.

Although he should focus on other diplomatic matters that the United States faces as a powerful and influential country, the President is just becoming a reason for rising political dilemma in the country.

Being at such an important position, Trump’s decisions and demands have been staining his position as the President. Will a national emergency comply with Trump’s demand for a border wall?


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