January 28, 2023

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Boris Johnson: The high-ranking Tory representative has his distance

After revelations About luxury renovation Considering his London office and the fall of the referendum, the first top representative of the British Tory party is away from the Prime Minister. Boris Johnson Went. In a BBC interview, the Conservative party leader said Scotland, Douglas Rose, Johnson will have to resign “of course” if he is found to have violated the rules in funding the updates.

People expect that “those who hold the highest office in this country adhere to the highest standards”. Therefore, people are carefully following the ongoing investigation into this matter and “waiting for answers”. The Election Commission is currently examining whether party donations have been received to renovate Johnson’s official residence.

The foreign minister calls the allegations “rumors.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dominic Rob In a televised interview, he said the party would take the Election Commission’s investigation seriously. The allegations against Johnson are “rumors” only. The Prime Minister had given “very clear” assurances that he would pay for the renovation himself. However, it is not yet clear whether the bill was initially paid for by a party donor and later repaid by Johnson.

The Sunday Times reports that Johnson sought the support of party donors to fund the fitness trainer and baby equipment for his young son. The newspaper quoted a donor as saying, “I want to pay for the leaflets, but resist if anyone asks me to wipe the Prime Minister’s baby butt.”

The Tories are on the ballot

According to a new poll, Johnson’s cynical comments on luxury renovations and corona infections Tories In favor of the electorate. According to a Sunday Times poll, the Conservatives are only one percent ahead of Labor.

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Information-based revelations against Johnson and other government officials came to light a few days before Thursday’s local elections. Above all, they give the appearance of a massive integration of private and political interests.