December 5, 2022

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Bosnia-Croatia border: Masked men beat up EU immigrants


Status: 10/6/2021 8:00 p.m.

Masked men on the Croatian-Bosnian border attacked people during a pushback because an ARD team was able to capture the image for the first time. Research suggests: The thugs are members of the Croatian Intervention Police.

Srdjan Govedarica and Andrea Beer, ARD-Studio Vienna

Lute On June 15, 2021, a scream of pain was heard through the green, dense forest on the Croatian-Bosnian border. Beats can be heard. Five young men rushed and stumbled into the Khurana, a river on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the northwest of the country.

Sturgeon Coderica
ARD Studio Vienna

Andrea Beer
ARD Studio Vienna

Before that, on the Croatian side, they had to cross the line of men in apparently masked uniforms. The riot against people illegally deported from Croatia: one of them spins a long stick with a characteristic cross handle in his right hand. He wears a dark balcony and waits impatiently for people who can win from the EU.

Every few seconds young black haired men run past him. The masked man strikes everyone on the side, leg, abdomen or back. “Go to Bosnia”, one of the masked men ruled the refugees and pointed the stick in the direction of Bosnia. Then the next one has to pass him.

So it is in the video recordings ARD Studio Vienna See Research team working with media partners of Lighthouse Reports ARD-shop monitor, SRF Rundshaw, “Spiegel”, the newspaper “Liberation”, the Dutch broadcaster Pointer and the Croatian Novosti and RDL investigated the setback of nearly nine months on the Croatian-Bosnian border.

Reporters waited, disguised as fishermen, used drones, evaluated satellite images and hundreds of social media accounts and spoke with multiple sources. How often do pushbacks happen and who commands them?

The instruction of the Croatian government?

According to three independent sources in the Croatian police who want to remain anonymous, orders for pushbacks are coming from Zagreb. Someone says this: “You know it’s illegal, but who can not tell the advice of the government and Interior Minister Dave Posinovich. So you are distracted, because we only work as directed. Government.”

Police officers deported illegally are classified by the research team as part of the “Operation Corridor”: a term used to abbreviate police operations within the borders of Croatia and the EU. Officers from all over Croatia are involved, coordinating the work of the intervention and special police on the border.

The active “corridor” member describes the activities as follows: “When we see migrants in the woods or elsewhere, they usually lie on the ground in fear. A policeman walks up to them and kicks them.” They decided whether they would be pushed back or whether the asylum process would begin.

People’s property was stolen and some lands were burnt, the source said. Fact: In an “empty” trash can in the Croatian city of Donji Labak, about 20 kilometers from the Bosnian border, the research team found burnt cell phones, remnants of SIM cards from Greece, cream from Nepal and an application. Asylum – granted in Bosnia and Herzegovina Herzegovina.

Garbage can be found near the Croatian Danji Lapak near the Bosnian border: here you can find burnt cell phones and asylum application.

Image: ARD-Studio Vienna

Welds, wounds, bleeding wounds

Operation “Corridor” is partly funded by the European Union. A total of 177 million euros has flowed from Brussels to Zagreb for “migration management” from 2014 to date. The EU says it has no knowledge of cases in which EU-funded equipment has been used to break the law. If that happens anyway, you can stop paying and impose fines.

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Shortly after being deported illegally in the Quran, a group of reporters caught up with those who had been beaten in the jungle. Pakistanis and Afghans are soaking wet, some are barefoot and others are only wearing socks. They show their injuries: long, dense red cuts on the back, bruises and bleeding wounds on the upper arms and elbows.

One upset man said: “They took everything from me: shoes, jacket, money, mobile phone, everything I had. It was a bad situation, you hit everyone hard. You can see our backs, our hands.” They sought refuge with the police, and the person said – to no avail: “They said: ‘You terrorists, Mujahideen, Al-Qaeda, go to your country. You do not want to be here.’ One of the many violations is the applicable law

A mobile team from MSF treated a total of 17 people injured during the filming pushback. Includes six minors. The documented injuries point to the police baton, and field coordinator Daniel Chang says: “We can see people being attacked ten times or more. It was an act of violence.”

Injured Afghan and Pakistani refugees show their injuries.

Image: ARD-Studio Vienna

National emblem of the Croatian Police

There are no badges on the uniforms of the four masked men in the Quran. In fact ARD research Suggest: This is where the Croatian police beat. The team of reporters compares their bombs, weapons, armor holders and clothing with the official equipment of the Croatian police, and shows the video to both active and former Croatian and two Bosnian police officers.

Conclusion: The masked people were apparently members of the Croatian Intervention Police. Units with about 2000 members are stationed at the border. All 20 Croatian police administrations have such divisions, and the command is issued nationally by the police headquarters in Zagreb. In May 2021 the intervention police were involved in the illegal deportation by drone recordings of another pushback near urturlić. The three police officers involved are wearing intervention police uniforms, one with “Interventina Police” on the back of their jacket.

The Home Office announces the investigation

Self-employed security consultant Željko Cvrtila worked for 22 years at the Interior Ministry in Zagreb. Among other things, he headed the Department of Internal Investigations and was deputy police chief. Does the Quran video show Croatian police officers?

Crvtila thinks this is possible: “One reason is that I see no intention of anyone going into the area and deporting immigrants and dealing with them. The second reason is that, like technology, everything there is well monitored. Physical consciousness,” he says. “It’s hard to believe that any group other than the official police force could be in this area.”

Police belt, HS pistol, jacket, tanfa baton. Handcuffs: The Bosnian border police officer also authorizes the official equipment of the Croatian Intervention Police.

Image: ARD-Studio Vienna

The Croatian Interior Ministry announces that it is investigating the incident. A team of experts will be dispatched quickly to the appropriate location on the border. A spokesman says they will be held accountable if they are found to be Croatian officials.

Return to the footage from the dense jungle on the Croatian coast of the Khurana: a policeman is waiting for the next fleeing man to cross him. Impatiently he spun the black stick in the air and hit the bushes with it. The birds are singing. The corona is buzzing. From there it can continue.