December 3, 2022

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Bosnia-Herzegovina is about to become an EU accession candidate – WELT

Abroad Report of the European Union Commission

Bosnia-Herzegovina is about to become a candidate to join the European Union


Why have some countries not progressed beyond candidate status for years?

Elmar Brock, a long-time CDU foreign policy official in the EU parliament, explains why some countries have not progressed beyond candidate status for years. But he sees construction sites and the need for reform not only among access candidates.

After Ukraine and Moldova, Bosnia-Herzegovina is set to become the next official candidate for EU membership. According to WELT information, the EU Commission intends to recommend to heads of state and government to grant this status to the Western Balkans. This is attributed to “substantial” progress in reforms.

DThe EU Commission wishes to recommend to EU Heads of State and Government that Bosnia-Herzegovina be declared a candidate for EU membership as soon as possible. This emerges from the so-called Progress Report of the countries wishing to join the EU, which is produced annually and made available to WELT. He will be formally produced on Wednesday. The reason is the surprisingly far-sighted progress in reforms in the Western Balkans.

According to the report, Bosnia-Herzegovina has not yet met all 14 required reform priorities, but has made “substantial” progress. Like Ukraine and Moldova — both of which were officially named candidate countries following a decision by heads of state and government on June 23 — Bosnia-Herzegovina still needs to achieve a number of reform goals before concrete accession negotiations can begin. So-called negotiation chapters can be opened.

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However, as an official candidate for accession, the country of 3.3 million people is already receiving large amounts of financial support from Brussels. Bosnia-Herzegovina has already submitted an EU membership application in 2016. In 2003, the country was promised membership of the European Union along with other Western Balkan countries.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is divided into two entities: the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Republika Srpska.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is divided into two entities: the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska.

Source: Infographic World

The report confirms Turkey’s withdrawal from the EU

Unlike Bosnia-Herzegovina, the EU Commission’s progress report on Turkey is very important. The new Progress Report 2022 states: “Accession negotiations with Turkey are characterized by an impasse. Turkey has not reversed the negative trend towards withdrawal from the EU. There is a serious backlog in the areas of democracy, rule of law, fundamental rights and independence of the judiciary. Dialogue on these issues is an integral part of EU-Turkey relations. .

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Federal Interior Minister Nancy Fesser (SPD)

At the same time, the EU Commission emphasizes Turkey’s key strategic role. The report states: “The EU has a strategic interest in developing a stable and secure environment in the Eastern Mediterranean and a relationship with Turkey based on cooperation and mutual interests. However, at the same time, the EU is ready to protect its own interests and the interests of its member states.

In its report, the Commission Authority commends the Turkish government’s mediation efforts in the war between Russia and Ukraine. At the same time, he accuses Ankara of undermining the EU’s sanctions: “It is worrying that Turkey does not join the control measures of the EU, especially on the free circulation of goods – including very military and non-military purposes (dual use) – within the framework of the customs union between Turkey and the EU.

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