December 3, 2022

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British yachts are very cheap: Since Brexit, a controversy has arisen in the English Channel

British yachts are very cheap
English Channel Controversy After Brexit

Since Britain left the European Union, London has viewed the English Channel as an international body of water. This means that looser rules on working conditions on ships apply to ferry transport – to the detriment of French providers. The controversy is now at its peak.

In France, opposition is building against dumping competition from Great Britain for ferry services across the English Channel. French Secretary of State for Maritime Affairs Hervé Berville recently announced in a meeting with shipowners that the Ministry of Transport wants to reach an agreement with the new British government on a common framework against social waste as soon as possible. “The social garbage practiced by some channel shipping companies is unacceptable. These players are fighting a deadly battle,” Perville said. France will increase control of ships in the short term.

At the center of the protest is British ferry operator P&O Ferries, which surprisingly laid off its entire workforce in the spring and shifted to cheaper labour. The shipping company also operates a ferry service between Dover and Calais. As reported by “Le Figaro” newspaper, Irish yachts sailing under the Cypriot flag with low-paid crews will also enter the race on the English Channel link in the spring of 2021. They work longer hours at a time than crews on French boats. The Secretary of State said that there is no place for companies to encourage antitrust competition and that the price is a downward spiral.

After Brexit, travel across the English Channel is no longer an internal link within the EU, and the use of foreign workers is permitted on very poor terms. Although French shipowners doubt that the 28-kilometer-wide canal between Calais and Dover can be considered international waters, they rely primarily on fair agreements with the British side. As the shipping newspaper “Le Journal de la Marine Marchande” said, the British had already drawn up a framework agreement in July to protect seamen who regularly visit Great Britain with their ships, regardless of which flag they sail under.

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