December 7, 2022

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Brittney Griner: US basketball player continues to languish in Russian prison – appeal rejected | Politics

The appeal was rejected by the Olympic champion |

A Russian court allowed the American star to be jailed

Your hopes of an early release are dashed!

American basketball player Brittney Griner (32) Should be kept in jail. A Russian court has rejected his appeal against a nine-year prison sentence – thus upholding the sentence.

Griner asked that his “traumatizing” sentence be reduced. He achieved partial success: the court recalculated the period, including his custodial period. A day in custody counts as 1.5 days of imprisonment.

Meaning: Griner would eventually spend about eight years in prison.

The American athlete was arrested when he arrived in Moscow in February. Allegation: Drug trafficking. Cannabis oil was seized from their travel bags. He was sentenced in August.

According to her defense lawyers, this is despite the fact that she has medical evidence that she was prescribed cannabis to treat pain!

The US State Department previously announced that Griner had been “wrongfully imprisoned” – a claim Russia has vehemently denied.

The US also made public weeks before the sentencing that it had made a “substantial offer” to bring the Washington basketball star home. The disclosure is an unusual move – also because of mounting pressure in your home country.

According to media reports, the United States wanted to exchange prisoners: Griner and American Paul Whelan (52, sentenced to 16 years in Russian prison for espionage) should be transferred to Russian arms dealer Viktor Bode (55). The latter is serving a 25-year sentence in the US.

Russia has not publicly responded to the proposal, insisting instead on closed-door talks.

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