December 10, 2022

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Bundestag extends Corona urgency – fear of new obstacles! – Politics

Again! Bundestag has decided to extend the “epidemic situation”.

Subject: The Corona Emergency, which was due to end on September 11, will be extended for another three months. The federal government can continue to massively interfere in civil rights.

This time at least the opposition voted unanimously against it. There were some protests in Groco, including Andreas Madfeld (51, CDU), Mike Beerman (39, CDU) and Sylvia Bandel (60, CDU). A total of 43 percent of MPs voted against the extension.

Built Live Matfield, Built TV broadcaster: “I vote against it!”. Even Health Minister Jens Spann (41, CDU) said there was no threat of overburdening the health system in Germany at any time. “Countries like Denmark, the Netherlands and Great Britain are proving otherwise.”

Spawn justified the extension in the Bundestack, which, among other things, is still essential for buses, trains and retailers. But in the Infection Protection Act – the Bundestack could have solved it regardless of the “epidemic situation”.

Green MP Dieter Genec (45) called the prolongation of the Built Live Emergency a “laziness of political action.” Bundestock can no longer be held accountable to the federal states.

SPD politician Carl Lotterbach (58) disagreed. On Built Live he argued: The government must continue to prevent diseases and protect children. “Now you can say: Well, nothing matters so much, many will not die anymore. There will be long covit, but not much then, maybe 10, 15 per cent will be sick, maybe 5 per cent children.”

Andreas Casen, 59, president of the National Association of Legal Health Insurance Physicians, opposed it. These numbers do not support anything, but the “Club of Fear”. In Germany, 2,800 people under the age of 18 are suspected of having a long cov. It is “slightly higher than zero percentage.”

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