December 10, 2022

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Bundeswehr saves 500: Merkel asks Birken for help in Kabul

Bundeswehr rescued 500 people
Merkel asks Biden for help in Kabul

Some dramatic scenes are still taking place at the airport in Kabul. There are also reports of growing problems with the US military. President Merkel will present this to President Biden. Meanwhile, the German negotiator meets with the Taliban in Doha.

President Angela Merkel has urged US President Joe Bidens to allow German-backed Afghan citizens to leave the country. A government spokeswoman said she had phoned Fiden to do this. The two stressed “continued close cooperation between Bundeswehr and US security forces at Kabul airport.” Earlier, several governments cited problems with the US Armed Forces controlling the airport in Kabul.

Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Gock announced that several Dutch nationals had been stopped by the US military on their way out of the army. The U.S. military allowed the plane to stay in Darshal for 30 minutes, after which it had to take off without the Dutch. “A lot of people were with their families, their children. They were at the airport entrance. It was horrible,” Cock told the Dutch news agency ANP. Only 40 non-Afghans could have reached the plane on time.

Gock announced that he would hold talks with the US to prevent such an incident from happening again. He will speak to his German counterpart Haiko Masi about the situation in Kabul. Meanwhile the Netherlands expelled its first citizens. The Ministry of Defense tweeted that a plane carrying about 35 Dutch, Belgian, German and British nationals was leaving Kabul for Djibouti.

So far 500 people have left

In their phone call, Merkel and Python agreed to fly as weak as possible, a spokesman said. According to Foreign Minister Masin, Bundeswehr has so far flown 500 people on five flights to the Uzbek capital, Tashkent. “We want to continue this on a scale in the coming days. This can only be a start,” the SPD politician said. In the evening, the Ministry of Defense announced that another bandageware machine with more than 220 people had landed in Tashkent.

According to Masin, Germany and other countries want to “bring as many people as safely as possible from Afghanistan.” Two more transport flights to Pondicherry are scheduled for the day. In addition, Germany is trying to bring food to the airport in Kabul, where many are hoping to be able to leave the country.

According to Masin, the people who have been brought to Uzbekistan so far include not only Germans but also numerous citizens of third countries and Afghanistan. The situation of local staff, especially those serving in the embassy or the armed forces, is still uncertain. So far there has been no order from the Taliban to “allow local staff into the airport”.

So the German government sent an ambassador to Doha, the capital of Qatar, the day before to hold talks with Taliban representatives. He “arrived in Doha” and held initial talks with Taliban representatives, Mass said.

Uzbekistan provides support

President Merkel called Uzbek President Mirziyoyev and thanked him for his logistical support in operating German exhaust planes. The Uzbek Foreign Ministry later announced that it would provide “technical support” to Germany. “All people who went out will stay in the international zone of Tashkent Airport until they go to Germany,” the ministry said.

Merkel spoke with Pakistani President Imran Khan and Qatari Emir Tamim al-Thani last night. “In all phone calls, the Chancellor reiterated the call for the Taliban to renounce violence, respect human rights and provide safe conduct for all those who wish to leave Afghanistan.”

The Taliban entered Kabul on Sunday, almost 20 years after Western troops occupied Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of people are currently trying to leave the country. Some dramatic scenes took place at the airport in Kabul.

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