January 28, 2023

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Butshah assassination: China speaks now – but nothing is said about Putin

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After a long silence, China has commented for the first time on the Pucha massacre. One state-controlled newspaper indirectly blamed the United States.

Updated April 9, 2022, at 9.30am: China has commented for the first time on the massacre in Pucha, Ukraine. Beijing’s ambassador to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, told the UN Security Council on Tuesday: “Reports and pictures of civilian deaths in Pucha are very disturbing.” The “incident” must be “reviewed”; All allegations must be based on facts. Zhang said “attacks on civilians are unacceptable” but that “all parties must exercise restraint and refrain from baseless allegations” until the “big picture” becomes clear. Zhang refrained from mentioning or condemning Russia in connection with the massacre.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has accused the UN Security Council of failing. The president, annexed from Ukraine, described the atrocities in Pucha in harsh words and spoke of “war crimes.”

The state-controlled Chinese media also marked the massacre for the first time on Tuesday with extreme caution. So far, the state news agency Xinhua has aired only a brief report on the incident, in which it re-created Zhelensky’s allegations, but gave a lot of space to Russia’s claim that the assassination was staged.

English speaker Global Times And declared atrocities and violence against civilians “unacceptable.” However, the editorial said that “riots and wars will always be accompanied by such horrific tragedies.” Instead of blaming Russia for the crimes, it indirectly blamed the United States for the massacre. Washington will make the situation worse by imposing sanctions instead of actively working for peace in Ukraine.

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As soon as the first reports of the massacre became known, the Chinese media covered the incident. There were no initial comments from Chinese politicians either. CGTN, a foreign broadcaster, and Hong Kong- and Shenzhen-based Phoenix Television were the first Chinese media outlets to publish the news.

Pucha massacre: China’s loud silence

Report from April 4, 2022: Munich / Beijing – Sunday evening, 7pm local time: Welcome to the mainstream Chinese news at a television studio in Beijing’s Sooyang District. Xinwen Lianbo The name of the half-hour show that airs daily in the evenings on several television stations China * Broadcast simultaneously, it is one of the most watched TV shows in the world. As the theme tune explodes in millions of Chinese homes, the world is known for hours What happened in Pucha, Ukraine, 6,500 kilometers west of Beijing. Pictures of several bodies found on the streets of the small town, with some hands tied, Causes global panic *.

However, another piece of news is that Chinese state television is very important to CCTV. “General Secretary Xi Jinping * He emphasized that the protection of rivers and lakes “was a matter for the well-being of the people and the long-term development of the Chinese nation.” A water official talks about “important and revolutionary” policies.

The “Conflict in Ukraine *“In China it is called war humiliation, so the show will only be a few minutes before the end. Russian troops retreat from Pucha, where one learns. The massacres they left behind were not mentioned.

China: No word on Pucha massacre

In return, viewers look at two-day-old footage of a demonstration directed against the rise in energy prices in London. And they know that the United States has increased its gas exports. The show shows Irish MEP Mike Wallace scoring against the US in the European Parliament. Two days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Wallace called for the elimination of NATO and praised the Chinese government in an interview in 2021. Beijing would like to quote such Chinese friends from other countries to suggest that other countries think China’s policy is right. At the end of the article, the Italian economist Umberto Trialsi emphasizes the blessings of world trade. “We are still dependent on each other,” he says.

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Other Chinese media outlets have not yet commented on the massacre. The Renmin Ripavo, The Communist Party’s campaign paper instead quoted Xi Jinping on its front page as saying, “China’s open door will not be closed, it will be wide and wide open.” The state news agency Xinhua is just as quiet as the English language Global Times. Meanwhile, a Beijing Foreign Ministry spokesman shared on Twitter a video of cherry blossoms on the Great Wall of China.

Only on social media like Weibo will you find anything about Pucha’s war crimes. While some users are shocked, others are spreading the Russian story that the assassination was carried out Ukraine * Only staged. Chinese auditors have not yet decided which of the two versions to take action against.

China and Russia: “Rock-solid” friendship

Since the beginning of the Ukraine war, Beijing has been making a strange balancing act. On the one hand, the government emphasizes Ukraine’s sovereignty, but at the same time underscores its “rock-solid” alliance with Russia. At Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov visits China * A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday that “Sino-Russian cooperation” was “infinite”. And President Xi pushed EU-China Summit on Friday * Blame the Europeans for the war. “The root cause of the crisis in Ukraine is the regional security tensions that have been building up in Europe for years,” Xi said in an official statement. He refused to condemn the Russian occupation.

World trade has been affected by “special action” in Ukraine and rising energy prices in Europe, Beijing has been saying for weeks; On the other hand, the United States is making huge war profits. On an almost daily basis, the Chinese propaganda machine spreads Russian claims that the US government runs secret biological weapons laboratories in Ukraine. “If Ukraine and Russia compromise, the United States will not be able to shed blood until the last drop of blood for Russia,” he said. Global Times Chinese foreign policy expert in a recent editorial. A friend ” Vladimir Putin *The one who left the bloodstream in Ukraine, does not really fit in the picture. (Sh) *Merkur.de is an offer IPPEN.MEDIA.

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