October 1, 2022

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By narrow majority: US Senate passes social and climate package

Status: 08/07/2022 10:23 pm

It’s about hundreds of billions of dollars: With a narrow Democratic majority, the US Senate has decided on massive investments in climate protection and social issues. Before this, tough negotiations took place – even within the party.

With a narrow majority of Democrats, the US Senate has passed a bill for massive investments in the social sector and climate protection. Vice President Kamala Harris — who also presides over the Senate — cast the vote with the lone majority. Republicans voted unanimously against the so-called anti-inflation legislation. With the amendments, they delayed adoption by nearly 16 hours. In the end, the Democratic senators and Harris all voted in favor of the bill, providing the necessary 51-vote majority.

Approval is still needed by the House of Representatives, which is scheduled for a vote on Friday. However, in this chamber of Congress, the majority is considered safe.

The U.S. government calls the law “historic.”

The administration of US President Joe Biden, a Democrat, had earlier described the legislation as “historic”. It will help address today’s most pressing economic challenges, strengthen our economy for decades, and position America as a world leader in a clean energy White House.

The package is part of what US President Biden wants to achieve on climate and social issues after tough negotiations. In particular, Democratic Senator Joe Mnuchin has repeatedly debunked Biden’s plans. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, made the switch with Manchin a few days ago. And amazingly presented a deal. Schumer has repeatedly insisted that the most important elements of the law remain intact — like $300 billion to lower prescription drug prices, fight climate change, close tax loopholes and reduce the debt.