December 10, 2022

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Cable car accident: Suspects admit handling | PR24

After a difficult one Cable car accident in northern Italy Police arrested three suspects. Lt. Col. Alberto Ciccognani of the Italian police told RAI that the three men admitted to being involved in the investigation that night. Police said the detainees were the boss and two top representatives of cable car operator Ferrovi del Motoron’s cable car company.

The tragedy of 14 dead

“There was a malfunction in the cable car, and the transportation team did not solve the problem, or only partially,” said Carabinieri Cicognani, a broadcaster of Italian news agencies. “In order not to break the connection, they decided to leave the ‘fork’ in place to prevent it from being used in the emergency brake space.”

Gabriel Tadini, the company’s boss, and two other detainees admitted that the emergency brake was turned off for one purpose, according to Sykognanis. According to attorney Olympia Posi, according to the Italian media, the accused had been aware of this since April 26, the day the cable car resumed operation. The decision to disable the emergency braking system was based on the belief that “the cable will never tear”.

The five-year-old escaped the crash

After the guide rope was torn on Sunday, the gondola slipped on the rope it was carrying, fell to the ground and overturned several times on steep terrain before colliding with several trees. 14 people were killed.

Only a five-year-old boy survived the crash. He has been slowly waking up from his artificial coma by doctors since Tuesday. The hospital director in charge of the hospital says the baby’s reactions so far have been positive.

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Investigators talk about a “deliberate act.”

On Tuesday, Carabinieri interrogated several people and inspected the debris found at the site. This indicates that the “emergency braking system of the deactivated cabin has been manipulated” and that the “fork” device for disabling the brake has been inserted.

According to investigators, this is a “deliberate objective act” to “avoid interruptions and stops of the cable car”, while “there were conflicts in the system that would require more serious intervention with the system’s permanent shutdown”. According to lawyers, technical interventions were “requested and carried out” including one on May 3, but “they did not solve the problem”.