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Riverdale Actress Camila Mendes Shares Account of Sexual Assault at NYU

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25-year-old famed actress Camila Mendes during her interview with Women’s Health magazine opened up about how she prefers stability in her life now and horrifying experience of sexual assault during freshman year at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Mendes, who stars at the cover page of the magazine, said, “I’ve always, always wanted nothing more than stability” for she had to move around a lot before the age of 18 due to her dad’s career and split of her parents.

She said, “Moving around throughout my whole childhood was a bit traumatic.” Therefore in order to achieve the feeling of home and safety, she visits the same hotels, yoga classes, Pilate studios, and cafes whenever she travels.

Camila Mendes, who rose to fame with her magnetic role of Veronica Lodge in Riverdale, further explained what home means to her. She claimed that home is deeper sensibility that includes safety, security, and comfort and cannot be separated from body or changed even if you move somewhere.

Sharing her sexual assault incident at NYU, she said “I had a very, very bad experience. I was roofied by someone who sexually assaulted me.” This fateful incident led to “to build a home” tattoo on her lower ribcage so that she remains motivated to have a strengthened “sense of self and the environment around her”.

Prior to Camila Mendes, her co-star Lili Reinhart, in 2017 shared the account of “significantly older” man “in a position of power” forced her for sex on a social media account. She wrote “I’m not comfortable giving specific details about the situation because I don’t feel it’s necessary. All that matters is that he tried to force himself on me when we were on a date.”

She further added that although she “physically walked away from the situation before it could get any worse,” she felt “completely violated and uncomfortable” due to the incident.

In June at POPSUGAR’s Play/Ground summit, prior to her interview with the magazine, Camila Mendes also shared accounts of disordered eating. She said, “I didn’t realize I had an eating disorder until I entered the industry…I couldn’t even get through a fitting (on ‘Riverdale’). I used to think (dieting) was a nice, healthy way to live. It took a lot…to get rid of that fear of carbs.”

With upcoming Netflix original Windfall and recently released Coyote Lake, she clearly has a long way to go even though she has achieved a physical anchor of her own, after she bought her mother a house in Florida.

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